Cousin Love

I have the best memories of my cousins. The great thing about cousins is it doesn’t matter the age difference because there’s just this unexplainable bond. It’s so sad that you grow up and lose touch. Seems like life is busier than it was when I was a kid because I remember seeing my cousins all the time.

I’m so glad my kids get to experience these kinds of relationships. They are so lucky to have Max, Hannah and Halle {I’m guessing in the future there will be a lot more names on that list}. With Max they will be around the same age and growing up together. With Hannah and Halle, since they are older, they will learn so much from them. I remember thinking my older cousins, Dawn and Keri, were so cool.

This week the kids spent a lot of time with their cousins and I find so much joy watching them play.

They helped Max break in his new playroom.



We took Hannah with us to the zoo and she was such a big help with Timmy. I think she held his hand the entire time.






Shhhh don’t wake the lion 🐾


We went back to their house for dinner and Halle got a kick out of playing dress up with Timmy.




Luckily we get to see Max almost once a week. I wish we saw the girls that much. I love watching them love on my kids.




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