Sweet Memories

When something happens that I don’t want to forget I’m going to title it Sweet Memories.

Timmy was playing in the playroom and I was watching but he didn’t know it. He started doing things he shouldn’t; things I would normally tell him not to do. He would stand on his motorcycle and in the sweetest voice tell himself Noooo, get down and do it again 🙂

Sick Boy

He doesn’t look sick but my poor boy has a stomach bug 😦 & he can’t be tricked into drinking pedialite. So we are spending the day watching Toy Story.Clearly I haven’t gotten around to doing my hair which is more of the norm these days.


Three little words

Timmy is big on climbing the couches right now and running back and forth. Today he almost fell backwards on to the tile. I jumped to save him and I hurt my pregnant belly pretty bad. I yelled for Tim and started crying, in turn causing Timmy to cry too. When I eventually got up Timmy came over to me with his first unassisted, “I Love You!” Nothing has ever sounded sweeter.