Lydia is 3 months

My sweet little girl is such a ray of sunshine. Honestly just huge smiles and man burps all day!

She’s starting to babble and drool. She chews on her fingers like they’re made of candy. She is able to grasp toys and hold up her head. She’s wearing 6 month clothing, sometimes 9 months in pjs. Lol. Chunky? Yes. Definitly! And we wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a butterball.

Mommy’s Ballerina

There is something so very special about buying your little girl her first pair of ballet slippers. All my mana dreams came true seeing my Sweet Gracie get ready for her first ever dance class.

Typically Grace will cling to my leg if Timmy isnt there to introduce her to new things or even new friends. Shes very shy without her big brother. Not at dance. You can tell she feels very comfortable. I really feel like dance might be her thing. She’s very attentive to her teachers instruction and she absolutely loves her dance girlfriends. Its really been good for her to have this special time that is all about her.

I’m so proud to watch her and I can not wait for the Christmas pageant. 

Love & War

These two love each other so completely but man they fight just as hard. This seriously just happened and I cant help but laugh like a crazy person…

Timmy starts crying. 10 seconds later Grace is crying even louder. They run in to tell on each other. Grace pinched Timmy and Timmy hit Grace.

Why you ask…

Well they were pretending the couch was a boat and Timmy stole Grace’s motor. So I suggested Timmy return the pretend motor. Unfortunately I was informed that the motor in question sunk to the bottom of the sea. These kids are nuts but oh so cute!

Gobble Gobble

It’s November 2nd and yes we jumped right into Thanksgiving crafts with our Mom’s Ministry.

I am so thankful for these mama’s. I love that we all want to bring our kids closer to Jesus and that we can do it together.

Today we made a cute turkey craft that Aunt Jessica picked up from Michaels. You gotta love sticker foam crafts thatdon’t  need any extra supplies. And it is especially nice when our children can do the craft all by themselves. It makes them so proud.

Then we made turkey pancakes for our lunch. They came out so cute. We used a big pancake and with honey glued on the baby pancake for our turkeys head. We used chocolate chips for eyes, fruit roll up as the gobbler {if thats the word} and a candy corn beak. Pretzels were our feet and fruit for our feathers. They kids really worked hard on these and they really enjoyed pouring extra honey on before gobbling it all up.

A Lesson in Horses

Our sweet niece loves horses and lucky for her my brother-in-law bought her two. Timmy and Grace are old enough now to learn about caring for a horse so I asked Halle if she wouldn’t mind giving them a lesson in horses.

My kids were over the moon excited. They wanted to help with everything. Grace took a good 20 minutes to warm up to the idea. I think she was surprised by how big horses really are up close.

First she had them brush Ripley and give her some treats.

Then they gave her some spritz before saddling her up and taking her for a ride.  

Then they gave Ripely gatorade which was news to me. Apparently is good for their hydration. Them she got a nice bath and some love.

Halle is so sweet with the kids. Shes so patient and gentle. I think we are going to make this a regular thing.