Gobble Gobble

It’s November 2nd and yes we jumped right into Thanksgiving crafts with our Mom’s Ministry.

I am so thankful for these mama’s. I love that we all want to bring our kids closer to Jesus and that we can do it together.

Today we made a cute turkey craft that Aunt Jessica picked up from Michaels. You gotta love sticker foam crafts thatdon’t  need any extra supplies. And it is especially nice when our children can do the craft all by themselves. It makes them so proud.

Then we made turkey pancakes for our lunch. They came out so cute. We used a big pancake and with honey glued on the baby pancake for our turkeys head. We used chocolate chips for eyes, fruit roll up as the gobbler {if thats the word} and a candy corn beak. Pretzels were our feet and fruit for our feathers. They kids really worked hard on these and they really enjoyed pouring extra honey on before gobbling it all up.

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