Sweet Memories

Lydia has learned her name. & she loves it! Everything is “that’s Lydia’s”

Her I love you Mommy’s are the best

Timmy gets bloody noses a lot. They dr wants him to go to a specialist. He is so nervous about it. Tonight he comes in my room and says, “Mom Hod gave me a miracle. I prayed for my nose to stop bleeding and then it just did!” I told him I believed it and that it was amazing. As he walked out the door I heard him whisper, “thank you God.”

More conversations with Timmy… “Can you have 2 moms (he means wives)?” I kinda panic lol and I’m like why are you asking me that? “Wellll if I marry Grace it won’t be fair to Lydia so can I marry both of them?” No buddy you can’t. He is the sweetest. I guess eventually I have to tell him he can’t marry his sisters.

I cut myself shaving my legs. Clearly I’m out of practice. Well Grace noticed and ran to get me a bandaid and put it on. It was such a sweet moment.

Grace calls me her beautiful treasure.

I got a 3am wake up call from these sick munchkins. Fevers, coughs, no voices, all bad. The positive lots of snuggles and I cancelled all the things.