Cousin Love

I have the best memories of my cousins. The great thing about cousins is it doesn’t matter the age difference because there’s just this unexplainable bond. It’s so sad that you grow up and lose touch. Seems like life is busier than it was when I was a kid because I remember seeing my cousins all the time.

I’m so glad my kids get to experience these kinds of relationships. They are so lucky to have Max, Hannah and Halle {I’m guessing in the future there will be a lot more names on that list}. With Max they will be around the same age and growing up together. With Hannah and Halle, since they are older, they will learn so much from them. I remember thinking my older cousins, Dawn and Keri, were so cool.

This week the kids spent a lot of time with their cousins and I find so much joy watching them play.

They helped Max break in his new playroom.



We took Hannah with us to the zoo and she was such a big help with Timmy. I think she held his hand the entire time.






Shhhh don’t wake the lion 🐾


We went back to their house for dinner and Halle got a kick out of playing dress up with Timmy.




Luckily we get to see Max almost once a week. I wish we saw the girls that much. I love watching them love on my kids.




Gracie is 8 months old!


A lot has happened this month. Gracie learned how to crawl and pull herself up to standing. She’s drinking from a sippy cup no problem. She has 2 of her bottom teeth. Eating is not her favorite thing to do but we have tried banana, apple, zucchini, oatmeal and sweet potato. Next we are trying sweet peas. I was brave enough to give her some puffs too. Of all of them zucchini was the most tolerable. She started waving hi and it’s the cutest thing ever! Timmy doesn’t see what the big deal is tho. When I’m like Gracie say hi, he gets in my face and is like “mommy HI!”

She has such a personality. She does this scrunched up nose sniffle laugh that is so hysterical.

She thinks Timmy is so funny. The two of them are playing together so much, I love it.

She’s still in my bed. Most nights I don’t mind but then we will have some nights where she nurses constantly. Other nights I’ll wake up in a panic because she’s not next to me and there she is all snuggled up with Daddy. I think I’m ready to start working on this crib business, but I’ve said that a million times.

Her favorite thing is bathtime. One night I started the tub but realized I needed to change her diaper first. When I turned the water off and started walking out she started screaming bloody murder and I swear when I laid her down on the changing table this girl slapped me across the face! Miss Attitude for sure.

It’s so funny how much she wants to be like Timmy. Already she’s copying him and stealing his cars and crawling super fast to keep up with him.

Here are some {ALOT} of picture from this month. I think she gets more beautiful every time I look at her.












My girl at 1 week and 8 months in the swing.

My Boy

I was going through the pictures in my phone and they were one after another close ups of Grace. Of course I do take a lot of pictures of Timmy but not enough of just him. So today I did a little GQ photo shoot of my boy and he thought I was totally insane. You can tell in the looks he was giving me.






Homeschool: Rainbows & Saint Patrick

This week lasted more like 2 weeks between the whole house getting sick and Great Grandma visiting.

Timmy’s language skills are really progressing. He is speaking in 3-4 word sentences now. He is also learning the concept of sharing, which is huge for him. He also started saying he was sorry without being told to, mostly to Grace of course. Timmy had a friend over and I didn’t have to yell one time. The two boys played for FIVE hours without fighting or anyone getting hurt. And they mostly played on their own. They had the most fun hiding in the closet and playing with instruments.

Here are some of this weeks activities:




I’ve always wanted to make a spaghetti sensory bin and I don’t know what took me so long because it was so simple. I just boiled the pasta with food coloring. Al dente is best so that it doesn’t fall apart when they play with it. I also added alittle olive oil to keep it from sticking together. Timmy wasn’t crazy about the texture and opted to use a fork to play with it. I let him add green sprinkles to it too. But in his mind he was feeding the “snakes” sprinkles. Everything turns to snakes lately. Grace was all about this activity, swirling it around her fingers and diving right in the bin. Not once did she put it in her mouth, only baby I know who won’t put things in her mouth {that includes baby food 😔}.







For this rainbow activity I cut out a cloud shape and strips of colored construction paper. First I had him glue cotton balls on the cloud, then he glued down the strips and then added the cloud to the bottom. I explained to him that this was a rainbow and we went over all the colors. He is pretty good at pronouncing all the color except orange. He did this project 95% on his own. I let him use the glue stick but I had to add more glue to make sure everything would really stick. I love how proud he is with his finished product.






The idea was to make shamrock stamps using 3 wine corks taped together. I did one to show him how it worked and the let him do his own thing. He got some stamped on his paper but then started using his fingers. I made the mistake of giving him a bottle of green glitter! & it was everywhere and of course it was his favorite thing. I explained to him that the shamrock represented the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that’s how the real Saint Patrick taught the Holy Trinity. Then we did the sign of the cross. This is something I didn’t even know myself. Teaching my kids is teaching me too.




While we were painting shamrocks, Grace was doing some painting of her own for the first time. I mixed the last of our yogurt with some green food coloring. She loved it but again not a drop in her mouth. Everywhere else yes. We had to get right in the tub after these projects.




This wasn’t theme related but a lot of fun. I put lentils, elbow pasta and corn kernels in a big Tupperware with measuring spoons and a funnel. This got real messy fast especially once the spaceship got involved. He played for 2 hours and the best part was he asked for the broom when he was done.



For this activity I painted right along side him. I think I had a little too much fun. I was showing him what I was doing on my paper and it was so cute when he started imitating my picture. He kept saying “look mommy a line.” I thought he made a really good attempt at painting a rainbow.



Last year we made this 2 liter bottle with cut up pipe cleaners. Every now and then I bring it out with a magnet and he loves it. It’s actually pretty cool. We also made a water and oil bottle with orange food coloring. I bought these alphabet magnets from a friend. They also click into a device that says the letter name and sound. Timmy loves when we get to the letter P, he yells peeeeeeeeee!

Gracie on the Go!

It’s official, Gracie is mobile. It’s so funny how one day they don’t know how to crawl and then the next day they are crawling like they’ve been doing it forever. & boy is she super fast. She wants to be down all the time now. There goes my little baby 😢 but I’m happy for her cause now she’s having so much fun with Timmy following him all around!


Missing G-da Already

My dad has been living with us since Grace was born so about 7 months. I know this trip will be good for him and I bet he is looking forward to the quiet. This house can get loud with 2 babies. I’m thinking he is not going to miss all the Mickey Mouse reruns either. But we will sure miss him! Timmy was ready to drive off in the RV with him.






Great Grandma Leslie Visits

My grandmother visited this week, meeting Grace for the first time and Timmy for the second. At 84, she doesn’t look a minute over 60. It’s pretty amazing. And boy does she have a lot of say. You could sit and listen to her crazy stories for days.

My dad and her are taking a big adventure together across the country in an RV. I pray God takes that trip with them to keep them safe. They got into it this morning over politics and I thought for sure my dad was not gonna go lol.

I only got a few pictures because a Timmy was so sick so this is as close as he would get to her but I got some good ones of her with Grace.




My Childhood Friend

2 years and one day ago my childhood friend was killed by a drunk driver. I think about her everyday and it has changed my life for sure.

We were neighbors and our parents were business partners. For about 3 years from age 12-15 I think I spent almost everyday with this family. Maybe I’m exaggerating but thats how I remember it.

Since then we only kept in touch through Facebook. When we found out it was Easter. I was with my whole family. We were sure it must be a terrible joke. Then Erica pulled up the news article and there was her name. We sat there in silence just staring at each other.

Every time I turn the key to my car she pops into my head and I’m reminded how quickly life can change.

Sometimes we never get to tell people how much we really love them so if anyone ever reads this blog….

I want my sisters and brother to know that they have always been my world and my absolute closest, bestest friends.

My children have my whole heart. If I spend every second of everyday with them it will never be enough.

Tim, without you I don’t know where I would be. I love you so much. My life has been blessed a million times over the second you walked into it. I really believe God sent you to save me. Everyday I live the life I always dreamed of, because of you.

My mom and dad gave me the best childhood I could ask for, filled with innocence and a million happy memories. I’m so much of both of them mixed together. I hear and see them in what I say and do as a wife and as a mother. I love you guys.