Grace is 3!

We celebrated Graces birthday 3 times this year which seems fitting now since it was her third birthday.

First we had our annual Grace & Brynn super special birthday date. This year we went to a princess spa. & oh my goodness was it the cutest thing EVER! I dont have alot of pictures becauce they’ve already been moved to the external drive but they were all so precious. This place is all decked out in a princess dream come true kinda way. The girls got mani’s and pedi’s, had pink lemonade from champagne glasses and made bracelets. Brynn got a green mask facial, cucumbers and all and Grace got make up fone bc she was afraid of the facial. 
Then we had cupcakes and presents in the hospital just hours after Lydia was born. I have no pictures of this.

Then the next weekend we had cake with the whole family. We let her pick her own cake and of course it was a tiara cake.

Grace is 30 pounds and 37 inches. She is Timmys little shadow. Her favorite color is pink but she will accept purple too. Dresses are only considered dresses if they spin like tutus. She eats everything which is so refreshing because Timmy eats nothing. She finally has a good amount of hair, its to her shoulders now. She totally thinks she is smarter than me and for now its adorable. She’s a cery sweet big sister and an even sweeter little sister. She absolutely adores Max and is akways trying to convince me that he should live here. Her favorite thing to do is swing. She’s all about ballet. Her favorite show is Max & Ruby. I can’t believe shes three. 

Sweet Memories

Grace is playing hide and seek with Lydia. Counting to ten and closing her eyes and then says i found you!
Everytime Lydia sneezes Timmy runs over to bless her. 

Grace is your mouth full of gummy bears!?! Yes mommy. Grace you can not just help yourself to candy. I didnt mommy I pretended that you gave them to me. 🤔 

Everytime Lydia cries timmy asks me what shes trying to say
Grace is is singing a song. “Ill be your sister foreverrrrr. I have a little sister Lydia”
Timmy comes over to me crunching dirt in his mouth all grossed out and im like what happened why do you have dirt in your mouth… Mommy i thought it was a donut sprinkle.
Gracie says my baby was just born and Timmy says let me see your crack then and he picks up her shirt looks at her belly and says it’s looking good.
Lydia hates her feet tickled
Timmy asked if he could sing “Here I am Lord” at Jolies party bc its the most beautiful song hes ever heard he just cant take it.
Timmy do you know about Mars? Yup its alll red. Do you know about Saturn. Yup its a ball with very cold rings around it. How about Pluto? Oh yea he’s big yellow dog! 😂😂