Sweet Memories

The way Lydia screams Daddy’s home when she hears his car coming down the road.

The way she screams Mommy when I pick her up from playground coop.

Lydia who are your friends? Lydia Gracie & Mimmy.

How excited she was that I let her stand on the end of the cart. She thought it was the greatest thing. She kept laughing and saying sooo fun!

How excited Timmy and Grace get when I roll down the windows and their hair goes wild.

That Grace gets Lydia out of her crib and dresses her before they come out of their room in the morning.

How grace does her own hair now and adds a matching bow.

Timmy told me how much he’s gonna miss me on their 1 day camping trip.

How much Lydia lives school. She tells me today, “I don’t want to eat I just want to go to school!”

Sweet Memories

I told Lydia that she was so goofy and she said no I’m Minnie Mouse.

Grace made everyone lunch yesterday. Even my dad. She’s turning into such a big helper. Then she sat on the couch and said ok now the cooks can eat.

Today she made marshmallow soufflé which was crackers with banana, marshmallow and cheese. My husband actually had to eat it because she was so proud of her creation.

My girls are in a really sweet stage. Grace is Lydia’s mommy now. She dresses her and everything. Holds her silly cup for her. Lydia even fake cries for her. It’s so adorable. Timmy isn’t feeling it tho.

Timmy & Grace took Walkie Talkies to bed last night.

My brother came over and taught Timmy how to skateboard. When he left Timmy cried. “He’s just so cool mom I wish he could stay longer!”

This child 😂

Grace says mom open your mouth so I can yell a message to the baby.

Timmy wants to put me to bed real nice he says. He just brought me a blanket and tucked me in. Now he’s going to get a book to read to me.