First Stitches

Well we’ve survived our first stitches for Timmy. I was not as together as I would have liked to be. Actually I was a mess, literally running around screaming, “Ahhhhh what do I do what do I do???” Luckily my sister happened to be at our house.

All was well, the kids were crawling on the floor playing and I was making dinner. My sister calmly says, “oooo Laura Timmy hit his mouth.” I didn’t think much of it because the kid bumps and bruises himself all day, everyday.

But then there was his face, the open mouth scream but the pain is so bad there’s no sound. Blood every where, flesh showing…grossed out yet??

Tim was only 10 minutes away so he drove us and my sister stayed home with Grace.

We get to the ER and there’s no staff ANYWHERE. So here I am crazy mom mode banging on all the doors screaming helllllllo does anyone work here.

They wrapped Timmy in a cocoon with sheets and held him down to give him a shot of numbing and 2 stitches. It was very hard to watch. Timmy was so brave. Daddy not so much, sitting next to me with his head down while I’m singing twinkle twinkle in my very best {bad, real bad} singing voice trying not to cry. The worse part is that they think he’s going to loose some teeth from it.

Today he had to doctor on my chin first before he would let me touch his so we are both sporting Mickey mouse band aids.


Memorial Day

We really didn’t celebrate this Memorial Day with anything special. Tim actually was able to take off work this holiday. All he wanted to do was lounge so I didn’t fight it.

Gracie dressed the part even though we didn’t leave the house.



Timmy had a blast in his pool. He was very busy drinking from the hose. Classic childhood memories. I love it!


He had a bright idea to fill up his gas tank with water {if only that worked in real life}.


I added his slide to the pool and it worked much better than the attached one. I love his face in this picture.


My kids are too young obviously to understand this holiday but I came up with a tradition to start now and share with them later. My cousin Jon is a marine. While he was deployed he lost some very good friends. I spoke with him today and he is going to give me the addresses to the parents of his fallen friends. So every year I’ll have the kids make a card for these special people to let them know that their sons were not forgotten and include a small gift card to show our appreciation. It’s a small idea but I hope it brings a little love to their hearts.

Dinner at Memaw and P-pa’s

Last night we went for dinner at Tim’s parents house. I’m so glad they invited his brother too because my kids adore their cousins.

Timmy was going around giving everyone kisses for their boo-boos.



Grace was crawling around knocking everything off the shelves. She took one tiny step toward Hannah for the first time.



Timmy starting singing songs for everyone and Hannah put a Itsy Bitsy Spider video on and Timmy was in love with it.


Gracie loved being pushed around by P-pa on the baby car.


When Hannah and Halle left Timmy cried. It was so sad. Hopefully with school almost out we can see them more.

Shaving 101

Every morning Timmy watches Tim shave and then Tim pretends to shave him. So I bought Timmy his own razor. It’s so cute. It came with shaving cream, a little mirror and a comb.

This morning Tim gave him his first shaving lesson and it was adorable.





It’s the small things

Happiness is watching Timmy color, or hearing Tim sing “Amazing Grace” to Gracie.

It’s picking ripe tomatoes from the garden, or seeing Grace so carefully put Cheerios in her mouth.

It’s the pure joy in Timmy’s eyes when someone comes to the door, or how he sings along to his Jesus cd in the car.

It’s how Grace crawls to meet Tim at the door when he gets home from work, or watching the bunnies eat the hibiscus flowers.

It’s the smell of early morning air, or waking up to the birds chirping.

It’s the Priest blessing Grace on Sundays and Timmy then blessing the Priest.

It’s when I ask Timmy, “where’s Jesus?” and he points right to the cross and says, “C’mon Jesus come down and sit.”

It’s sleepy babies all tucked in their own beds and late night talks with Tim.

The last few days have been so simple and sweet.

Swimming, Gardening & Couponing

The baby pool has become an everyday thing. The kids are so happy splashing away.

Gracie giving Timmy a kiss..


& then pulling his hair!


It’s impossible to get a picture of them both smiling let alone looking in the same direction. But I still try. You’ll see my husband rolling his eyes as I make the craziest sounds and faces trying to make them look at me. It really is ridiculous.



We {just me mostly} are very excited about our first almost red tomato. Tim accidentally knocked it off trying to fix the stake so hopefully it turns all the way red soon so I can eat it. Gardens are a ridiculous amount of work. Sadly I’ve become a mass murderer of caterpillars. They will eat your whole garden otherwise. At first I was gently picking them off and putting them on the other side of the yard, now not so much.


Yesterday went so smoothly. The house was clean, the kids played and napped perfectly and both kids were in bed and asleep by 8:30. It was so dreamy. Aaaaaand then Grace gave me a reality check. That girl is always keeping me on my toes. I have been up since 2:30 am. Not exaggerating.

She fell asleep at 6:00 am but it was already too late for me to go back to bed so I went to Publix. I have become alittle coupon crazy. It’s sad the things that excite me these days. I get so happy about it that I arrange the food so that I can take a pretty picture of all that I bought. Yup that must be a new level of uncool. So here it is. I spent $33 and saved $79!!


On a side note, you know it’s time to shave your legs when your 2 year old says, “Ow Mommy sharp!”


Sweet Memories

“Do you need help Timmy”
“No mom I do it”

*he calls me mom now like he’s big 😔







There’s a home video of my sister Jessica asking me if I need help getting dressed and I tell her no I do it myself.

Dogs and Kids

I used to be such a dog person, you know the kind that had their dogs in matching t-shirts at the dog park. Now if I saw that person I would gag. If you walked in my house 3 years ago you would have found at least 5+ foster dogs living with us and on weekends I would be at adoption events and administering free pet vaccines.

You could say things have changed {drastically}. Nothing ruins my day more than the sound of a dog barking when there is a napping baby. Or my favorite, the whiff of dog pee as you’re trying to play in the backyard.

I really feel like the added chaos of dogs is too much for me to handle with 2 babies.

Today I was fighting Denver over being outside. Yes our yellow lab is afraid of the outdoors, among other things like the sound of the washing machine, grass, rain, thunder, fire works, car doors, motorcycles…. Anyway we were in a standoff and the next thing I know they escaped the backyard. A {not so} secret part of me was jumping up for joy. And then Madison knocks at the front door as if to say nice try mom.

So I go looking for Denver and he’s playing with the neighbors pit bull. I yell for him to come in and he looks me straight in the eye and walks away. And you know what, I let that dog go. Sure enough when he heard me open and shut the front door he came running.

Timmy and Grace adore the dogs, especially Madison. Me and Denver have never been friends but Madison is my first baby so she can stay. Meanwhile if you know someone looking to adopt a mature lab that doesn’t like to go outside or doesn’t let you ever do laundry Denver is all yours! {I think this is where I’m suppose to say just kidding}





Banana Mango Ice Pops

I bought ice pop molds last summer but never got around to using them. This morning I was puréeing some mango for Grace and had so much left over. Then I remember those ice pop molds!!


To make them sweet I added half a banana, a little honey and a little agave nectar. Timmy looooved them!

Brought back some great childhood memories and got Timmy to eat mango.