Dogs and Kids

I used to be such a dog person, you know the kind that had their dogs in matching t-shirts at the dog park. Now if I saw that person I would gag. If you walked in my house 3 years ago you would have found at least 5+ foster dogs living with us and on weekends I would be at adoption events and administering free pet vaccines.

You could say things have changed {drastically}. Nothing ruins my day more than the sound of a dog barking when there is a napping baby. Or my favorite, the whiff of dog pee as you’re trying to play in the backyard.

I really feel like the added chaos of dogs is too much for me to handle with 2 babies.

Today I was fighting Denver over being outside. Yes our yellow lab is afraid of the outdoors, among other things like the sound of the washing machine, grass, rain, thunder, fire works, car doors, motorcycles…. Anyway we were in a standoff and the next thing I know they escaped the backyard. A {not so} secret part of me was jumping up for joy. And then Madison knocks at the front door as if to say nice try mom.

So I go looking for Denver and he’s playing with the neighbors pit bull. I yell for him to come in and he looks me straight in the eye and walks away. And you know what, I let that dog go. Sure enough when he heard me open and shut the front door he came running.

Timmy and Grace adore the dogs, especially Madison. Me and Denver have never been friends but Madison is my first baby so she can stay. Meanwhile if you know someone looking to adopt a mature lab that doesn’t like to go outside or doesn’t let you ever do laundry Denver is all yours! {I think this is where I’m suppose to say just kidding}





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