Gracie Update

My sweet Grace is growing like a weed. In her last update we had some concerns about her weight. At 18 months she was in the 3rd percentile at 20 pounds 13 ounces. And now in just over a month she’s 22 1/2 pounds! What a relief for this mama. Her iron level is also within acceptable range so we are so grateful. 

I’m a huge breastmilk supporter. I love everything about it, the best natural nutrition and the closest bonding time. However, in Gracies case it seems that the extended breastfeeding is what was preventing her growth. She was still using it as her main source of food and at 18 months it just wasn’t enough anymore. 

I had to quit cold turkey and the only tip I have is DONT sit down. I could hold her as long as I was standing. As soon as I quit she had a ravenous appetite, waking us up in the middle of the night screaming, “Mommy I want a banana!” First time I heard that on the monitor I bust out laughing. For a week we were waking up for midnight snacks. At one of our slumber parties we took some mommy daughter portraits ☺️

She’s quite the fashionista. I feel like she’s turning into a little lady way too quickly.

She’s super polite. When she burps she says excuse me and if she trips you she says sorry. I get so thrown back by her speaking without me prompting her. 

I forget all the time that she’s really not a baby anymore. It’s hard for me to imagine a house without a little baby and I Pray about it a lot. For some reason I just can’t get a feeling if we are done or to have more. I really want to just give this decision to God, as it should be. He knows what’s best for our little family. For now we are extremely blessed to have these two sweet munchkins.

Timmy the Dog 

Timmy is rarely a boy these days. For almost a week he was a dog. And by dog I don’t mean he walked around barking. The child takes this pretending business very serious. Kind of embarrassing and I’m sure he will {not} appreciate this story later in life BUT we caught him outside completely naked on all fours lifting his leg like a dog 😳. It was hilarious but we had to put an end to that real quick. He eats his food from a bowl on the floor, builds dog houses out of clothes hampers and of course he let me know that “mommy dogs don’t talk!” This meant trying to translate his barking into the English language. 

Since then he has been a cat, a turtle and of course Spider-Man. Spider-Man is by far our most dangerous character. Mostly because if Timmy is Spider-Man then so is Grace. That means two kids jumping from couches and beds. On the days that they are turtles they want to be in mommy and daddy’s tub and I have to throw pretend food into the water when they get hungry. 

Our most recent pretend adventure is Timmys driving skills. He’s always telling me to go right or left and straight. And now he has his own steering wheel. Of course only he can he can see it. Cracks me up.

Florida Winters

If you live anywhere other than Florida most likely you are knee deep in snow. This has been such a terrible winter everywhere but here. We are so grateful and soaking it up spending as much time as we can outside before that summer heat hits. 

It’s February and yes we have already been to the beach, have blown up our kiddie pool and stocked up on popsicles.

We had one day of winter. I’ve always said I wanted to have seasons and well now turns out winter is not for this girl. Looks like I’ll be here for life.

Grace is a genius

So yea I know we all think our own kids are soooo smart but pretty sure Grace is genius!

On her own she put together these puzzles.

We were so shocked we made her do it again. Totally had us amazed! Harvard here we come. 😊

Sweet Memories

When I do flash cards with Grace and we get to banana, sister tries to eat the card every time. 😂

The fake smile you put on your face when your son tells you he’s making you a spit cake. 😳 sounds yummy!

Nothing makes these kids happier than an old school Popsicle. Luckily for them it’s what the Doctor prescribed.



Watching Daddy climb in a big box the kids are using as a clubhouse. 😍


Catching Daddy and Timmy in the closet with the lights out just to watch his toy gun light up. Boy stuff this mama will never understand.

Gracie’s undeniable style sense is surely going to land her a job in fashion. She dresses herself head to toe and I can’t get enough.



& the very best snuggles.