Beach Babes

Me and Tim and not big fans of the beach but our kids sure are!

This was Gracie’s first trip and she loved everything about it from lounging in her baby tub to catching some waves on her little feet. Then she took a little snooze.

Timmy was all about the water. He kept taking Tim and my mom by the hand begging to go back in.

It was probably the first time in years that I actually enjoyed myself at the beach. Kids make everything sweeter.








Spoiled birds

We have the most beautiful birds around here. I just love seeing the bright red cardinals on the tree right outside our front window. And Timmy gets very excited. He says bird kinda like Bambi ☺️ Buuurrd!

Yesterday me, Timmy & Memaw made the birds a special treat. Timmy was so proud.

We were so sad though when we were woken up to the dogs growling at 4:30am. Outside was a big fat raccoon chowing down on our bird treats 😤




Homeschool: Circles

So this is my third attempt at starting some sort of preschool/homeschool environment for my kids, mostly Timmy of course. At first I was just winging it but it felt like nothing was getting done because there was nothing documented. Then I bought a curriculum from another homeschool mom but I’m not sure Timmy is ready for it so I’m going to start that in September. I just want to have fun with him with a little bit of structured learning. I think that happens everyday whether I try or not but I need to see it on paper and I really want my husband to see it too. He says he’s on board with homeschooling but I think he’s still on the fence about it. So I thought if I put it all on here, in a few months we could look back to see what worked and what didn’t.

This week was a lot of fun. Pretty sure we have circles down pat. What I think helped a lot was getting the kids dressed and ready for the day as soon as they woke up. Then we would eat breakfast. Some of his meals where themed all on their own like pancakes made into a snowman and cut up bananas.

After eating we did the calendar and weather.

Then we would read a verse from our daily bible and the story for the day. After we went for a walk everyday either in the stroller or bike with Grace in the ergo. When we got back we played in the yard. Then it was naptime.

When he woke up I would already have his lunch ready and his activity for the day set up. With lunches I just used a cup to make circle bread sounds simple but he thought it was cool.
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On Monday we had snowman pancakes, read A Snowy Day and made a snowman with different shaped circles. This was Timmy's first experience with a glue stick. It was hard to get it away from him when we were finished. He did an awesome job and then we hung it in the playroom. When we played outside I made some fake snow that he got as a gift for his first birthday. >






Tuesday we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and made a caterpillar with the circles of our thumb print. This came out really cute but of all the activities I think learned the least from this one. To make up for it we practiced with a safety scissor for the first time and I let him use the glue stick again to put on the tree and leaf. When we went outside we went for a Circle Treasure Hunt. This was a big success!;
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Wednesday we went to the Zoo and played at the splash park.20140308-170529.jpg


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Thursday we made a lion out of a paper plate. He was very proud of the finished product. And the best activity was so simple. Different colored pompoms in Tupperware. He would count each one as he took it out and then would put them back by saying the color. I was so impressed. He mastered counting to 5 and sometimes counted to 8. He knew colors yellow, white and green sometimes purple.






Valentine Photo Shoot & Party

Some people think a photo shoot for every holiday is a little ridiculous but these are my all time favorite so I am so happy that I booked it. It worked out as Gracie’s 6 month photos too since we took them the day after. I was nervous to take them because it isn’t easy to get both kids to smile but Timmy was in a super good mood so we got some amazing pictures. Only set back was that Grace had a very messy diaper after 2 photos and destroyed her outfit. I was so upset at first but she looked adorable naked.

Timmy and Grace were invited to their first Valentine’s Day Party. My friend Lauryn is so creative. She doesn’t miss any small detail to make our babies feel so special. Even here pizza’s had heart shaped pepperonis. You can see it all at her blog










The Maid is Here!

Yea right I wish. Timmy kept getting in the middle of my cleaning routine so I just gave in. I combined two bottles of windex so I could fill one with just water, gave him paper towels and off he was cleaning away. I hope I cleaned that bottle well enough because of course he sprayed himself in the face more than a couple of times. On the plus side it gave me 30 minutes of quiet play!


Happy Grace

My little angel is getting such a personality, I see a lot of mommy in her. She likes things her way and on her time. When she’s ready for bed, forget it there’s no tricking her to stay up. So mommy has to go to bed too because she also can’t be tricked from mommys mattress.

Today Timmy asked to take a bath and then sweetly said, “Sissy bath too?” So I picked her up and when she saw the tub she giggled sooo loud. Apparently she’s a big fan of bathtime.

She loves her Sophie. And she loves being on the floor playing with trucks. Aunt Erica bought her a little vanity and that was a huge hit too.

We also started using the walker outside. She loves it. Timmy on the other hand is having a really hard time passing it down to her. He says, “No Gracie, Me! Me!”








Big Kid Books & Circles

Just recently Timmy has graduated from cardboard one sentence books to paper paged long books. He sits there very quietly and interested in the story. I love it. I can’t wait to read Harry Potter with him and Bridge to Terebethia and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I can’t wait to see the magic in his eyes.


I’m super impressed with these circles. He tries so hard and he’s so pleased with himself. Smarty pants!



“Blog” perfect

Sometimes blogs and Facebook make our lives look so pretty and perfect. In my house, today was not one of those days. A peek in this window and you would go running the other direction.

Both kids are sick and that means this mama is running on empty. I haven’t slept in 2 days. The sleepless me is a mean destructive monster who can turn small problems into major disasters in a snap.

I hate days like this. Feels like my world is crumbling all because I asked for a little extra help with the kids and some rest. Men just don’t get it sometimes unless you’re acting like a crazy person. I hate when I get like that. I went for a drive and found myself at the garden in front of my church. It’s such a beautiful spot with a waterfall, a bench under a tree and a huge wind chime. So peaceful.

I’m just waking up from the longest nap. Spreading out in my bed all alone is such a treat that only other mommies would understand. Hopefully this nap helps me get things back together.

This picture sums up my day.


Daddy & Timmy Date

Tim took Timmy to see Halle’s horse competition. I think Tim spending alone time with the kids is really important. He kept telling me to put my shoes on. And as he was walking out the door he kept looking back very confused. I hope he has a good time.


Happy Valentines Eve!

Today I tried to make the day special with heart everything. We had heart shaped grilled cheese, heart shaped cookies and heart shaped crafts. Timmy was all about cookie decorating and by decorating I mean eating.

Bath time was fun. I gathered all the red and pink toys in the house and put alittle food coloring in the bath water to make valentines bathtime.