Happy Grace

My little angel is getting such a personality, I see a lot of mommy in her. She likes things her way and on her time. When she’s ready for bed, forget it there’s no tricking her to stay up. So mommy has to go to bed too because she also can’t be tricked from mommys mattress.

Today Timmy asked to take a bath and then sweetly said, “Sissy bath too?” So I picked her up and when she saw the tub she giggled sooo loud. Apparently she’s a big fan of bathtime.

She loves her Sophie. And she loves being on the floor playing with trucks. Aunt Erica bought her a little vanity and that was a huge hit too.

We also started using the walker outside. She loves it. Timmy on the other hand is having a really hard time passing it down to her. He says, “No Gracie, Me! Me!”








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