Gracie’s 1/2 birthday

Yesterday Grace turned 6 months old! She gets sweeter everyday. Though last night she woke up at 2am and wanted to party. She didn’t go back to sleep. She’s napping now and it’s 11:00.

She weighs 17 pounds and 12 ounces. So far she’s tried bananas and last night I gave her a taste of mashed potatoes. And by taste I mean the teeniest tiniest piece.

She’s sitting up by herself and she moves all around but not yet crawling, at least not forward. She kinda crawls backwards. Her first word was Dada and he was a very proud daddy.

She adores Timmy and they have started to play together and had their first fight over a toy. She loves the see and say and she loves books.

No teeth yet but we are definitely teething. She has the sweetest giggle.

She says no way to bottles and she is a big time mamas girl. When someone tickles Timmy she thinks he’s getting hurt and she cries with her bottom lip out and big crocodile tears. It’s so sweet. She really loves him. She would rather watch Timmy than even eat! So it’s hard to breastfeed if he’s around.









Timmy is talking ALOT

Timmy is talking more and more each day. Some new sentences are:

Mommy, Are you alright?

Oh Sanison, come hereeeee.

You want to go for a walk?

He calls my parents Memaw and T-da.
He calls Carol Nanny.

Madison and Denver are now Sanison and Beaver.

He calls Grace, Gracie and sissy.

Sam is Sam, very clear and probably his favorite person.

Max is Mac.

He names all the Mickey Mouse clubhouse characters.

&&& there’s the occasional oh shit 😦

First food, growing up & sibling love

Grace will be 6 months on the 29th but she is so ready for food. She is always grabbing at Timmy’s anything so tonight we gave her a frozen banana to gnaw on bc I thought it would also feel good on her gums. The girl is a fan! I can’t believe this sweet little baby is growing so fast that she’s already eating food.

My kids adore each other and it brings me so much happiness. I was writing out thank you cards and I hear the sweetest giggle and then an all out belly laugh and there’s Timmy hugging and tickling little grace. She think he is the best thing and she’s probably right! He is such a sweet brother.

Our friend Dawn sent me a picture of Timmy and Cade, it must have been right after Timmy’s first birthday. I feel very emotional about it bc in the picture he still had that baby look and now he’s clearly turning into a boy. I miss my baby.

I spend every minute of every day with my kids and it never feels like enough time.

Today my dad surprised me and went to the store and bought all my favorite things and all Timmy’s favorite things, warms my heart.

This morning I was really bummed out between waking up to a screaming boy at 5:30 not falling asleep until 4:09 because of a hungry girl and a messy house and not enough money to pay the bills and the list goes on. I decided to take the advice of some of the Christian books Ive been reading and get some alone time with God. Timmy went down for a nap and I laid grace in her play pen and I prayed for rest. And rest was what I got. I took a little nap and woke up to my dads little surprise, straightened out the house and enjoyed some play time with my kids. I am truly blessed.





Baking for Daddy

Timmy loves to bake. He goes and gets his stool so he can help with adding ingredients and mixing. Daddy put his back out so we made him banana nut muffins. The cutest part was Timmy carried them to him in bed. So sweet❤️



Playdoh exploration

Playdoh is messy and I can’t stand it. However, want to make Timmy happy? Just give him lots and lots of playdoh. Today tho he learned how to use the compressor to make spaghetti but of course he’s calling them snakes. Then he takes the scissors and cuts it all up. Only a mom could understand the development that is going on right now do now I’m a fan of playdoh.


Freezing time

I want to remember this moment forever. Grace just sleeping in my arms. She is almost 6 months old and it’s hitting me hard how fast she’s growing. I want her to know how much I love her and if I could freeze time it would be in these quiet moments of me just holding her. I could put her down but I can’t. She’s too precious.




First day of homeschool ever

Today we started God’s little explorers with Timmy. He’s alittle young for this curriculum but I wanted to use this year as a practice run for me and him. I think it was a successful day. We spent some time with the bible, we did playdoh and a puzzle. Then it was lunch and naptime. After nap we went outside to play in the sandbox. Now he’s in the bath. It doesn’t sound like much but in the eyes of a 2 year old and a mommy of 2 babies it was a day well done! I’m excited about tomorrow 🙂 we are going to make binoculars and go on a treasure hunt.

Grace learned some big things today too! She started crawling backwards. I hate how fast she is growing. I feel like I just want to stare at her all day so I can remember how sweet and beautiful she is.





First date night since Grace

Early in the day we took the kids to the brevard zoo. We loved it. Especially the train, Timmy is train obsessed right now. I was especially surprised when the train went through animal enclosures! An ostrich tried to get a ride with us. My mom came up to watch the kids and went to the shooting range and to get a pedicure. Miss Grace cut out date short because she did not want anything to go with the bottle. Even that 2 hours alone for a mommy and daddy tho is enough to remember what it’s like to date. We really enjoyed ourselves and made good memories.




Holiday catch up

A lot has happened since my last post. Christmas is always so busy. I finally have a minute. Grace is sleeping in her swing and Timmy is sleeping my arms which is pretty rare now that he is a big boy. He just giggled in his sleep ❤️. Thanksgiving was at Aunt Jessica’s. It was very nice, the weather was gorgeous and the food delicious. The week after that we had a family get together for Timmy’s birthday. I made ziti, his favorite as of then. He won’t eat it now. The week after that we went to Disney. It’s a tradition we started to celebrate Timmy’s birthday in a special way bc it’s so close to Christmas. We don’t want him to feel like his birthday isn’t important bc of all the Christmas excitement. Next year Aunt Jessica says they are coming with us. We spent 2 days just in fantasyland. We really had a nice time, both kids were so behaved. Timmy’s favorite ride was the people mover and he was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up on it. When we got home all of us came down with the flu. The kids got double ear infections. Mommy was not a happy camper. We are literally just getting 100% better. We were so sick on Tim’s birthday that he had to get his own dinner and cake 😞. Christmas was wonderful. Timmy and Grace were so spoiled it was insane. There are toys in every closet of this house! Timmy was really into opening presents this year. It was so fun to watch him oo and ahh over gifts when he opened them. I’m pretty sure grace got every girl gift they make for her age. For New Year’s Eve we had Kelly and Nathan over. The kids played so nice and we really enjoyed celebrating with them. & I think we are all caught up 😊.