Holiday catch up

A lot has happened since my last post. Christmas is always so busy. I finally have a minute. Grace is sleeping in her swing and Timmy is sleeping my arms which is pretty rare now that he is a big boy. He just giggled in his sleep ❤️. Thanksgiving was at Aunt Jessica’s. It was very nice, the weather was gorgeous and the food delicious. The week after that we had a family get together for Timmy’s birthday. I made ziti, his favorite as of then. He won’t eat it now. The week after that we went to Disney. It’s a tradition we started to celebrate Timmy’s birthday in a special way bc it’s so close to Christmas. We don’t want him to feel like his birthday isn’t important bc of all the Christmas excitement. Next year Aunt Jessica says they are coming with us. We spent 2 days just in fantasyland. We really had a nice time, both kids were so behaved. Timmy’s favorite ride was the people mover and he was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up on it. When we got home all of us came down with the flu. The kids got double ear infections. Mommy was not a happy camper. We are literally just getting 100% better. We were so sick on Tim’s birthday that he had to get his own dinner and cake 😞. Christmas was wonderful. Timmy and Grace were so spoiled it was insane. There are toys in every closet of this house! Timmy was really into opening presents this year. It was so fun to watch him oo and ahh over gifts when he opened them. I’m pretty sure grace got every girl gift they make for her age. For New Year’s Eve we had Kelly and Nathan over. The kids played so nice and we really enjoyed celebrating with them. & I think we are all caught up 😊.

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