Our first ear infection

Timmy was running a low grade fever for 2 days and on the third it was 102 so I took him to the doctor. My poor boy has an ear infection. Sick babies are a lot of work but I haven’t gotten this many snuggles since he was a newborn. I think I’ve watched Toy Story 10 times in the last 4 days. All he wants to do is sleep on me. It’s so sweet.

Fresh Breath

I bought Timmy a big boy toothbrush last week and he is totally into it. When I ask him if he wants to brush his teeth he runs to the bathroom and shows me his teeth. It’s so cute to see him do it or attempt to do it all by himself.


First Water Slide

Yesterday we went to a small water park. It was just perfect for us. It had a lazy river for us big kids and a water playground for Timmy. My dad came and relaxed in the lounge chairs where he could see Timmy going up and down the water slide. This kid is such a dare devil. He could not get enough of these slides and all the kids going down them had to be twice his size. He was wearing my poor brother out. The smile on his face when he hit the water at the bottom of the slide was priceless. Then we all went on the lazy river. He loved that too. It’s so nice to have such a fun easy going little boy so that we can all have a good time. He’s happy no matter what we are doing. I’m so glad my family came, it was such a great day.


Sweet Memories

We were just sitting on the couch listening to the birds and he fell asleep. It’s been a long time since he fell asleep on me especially since its not nap time. Miss Grace is up and kicking tho 🙂


Busy Little Boy

These days Timmy is very, very busy. If he’s not climbing the couches and running back and forth on them giving me a heart attack, then he’s probably going through the spice cabinet. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to child proof a lazy susan cabinet. So instead of spending the day saying no more than breathing I got him dressed and we were out of the house by 9am.

We went to story time at the library first. He loves it. The music shakers and the scarves, freeze dancing and bubbles – all his favorite things. Sharing is a big obstacle right now. He kept taking everyone’s shaker and then he went into someone’s purse and took out their cell phone. I’m pretty sure everyone was giving me dirty looks but I’m at that point in this pregnancy where getting up off the floor is a big production so I let him do his thing.

Then we went to swim lessons. He amazes me. Today the teacher used him to show other people how she can throw him in the air into a summer sault and he will come up floating. And he did it! He didn’t even cry, you would think that would be scary for a baby.

After his nap we played with blocks. He’s really good at putting them together now. Then he played baseball. I got it on video. He puts his own ball on the tee, hits it and starts again.

Everyday is busier than the last maybe because he’s getting more energy and little Miss Grace is taking all of my energy away. But every night when I put him into bed, not even 5 minutes goes by and I start to miss him and can’t wait for the next day to start 🙂

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was so special this year. Children obviously make the holiday a holiday but its husbands who put the special in it. Tim woke up with Timmy and took care of him then they brought me my cards and presents. Timmy did not want to give up the cards, he’s so funny. I got a massage and a mani/pedi. Then he went to get us bagels. The plans were to go to my parents house for pool and barbecue. The best part of the day… We left early. Tim always makes us late or waits til the last minute to get in the shower and it drives me nuts but not today and I don’t know if he even knows that I noticed and how much I appreciated it.

Timmy went in the pool for the first time since swim lessons started and he’s such a little fish. We could not keep him out of the pool. Tim dressed him, changed diapers.. It was awesome.