Mothers Day

Mothers Day was so special this year. Children obviously make the holiday a holiday but its husbands who put the special in it. Tim woke up with Timmy and took care of him then they brought me my cards and presents. Timmy did not want to give up the cards, he’s so funny. I got a massage and a mani/pedi. Then he went to get us bagels. The plans were to go to my parents house for pool and barbecue. The best part of the day… We left early. Tim always makes us late or waits til the last minute to get in the shower and it drives me nuts but not today and I don’t know if he even knows that I noticed and how much I appreciated it.

Timmy went in the pool for the first time since swim lessons started and he’s such a little fish. We could not keep him out of the pool. Tim dressed him, changed diapers.. It was awesome.

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