Thankful Hearts

One of the perks of homeschooling is that I can really focus on the hearts of my children as much as or even more than just the academics.

I hope these small moments really impact the way they live their adult lives.

One of the projects we worked on to show our thankfulness was thanksgiving boxes for deployed soldiers. We had the kids bring in all their hard candy from Halloween and I sent the moms a grocery list of the best care package items. I event decorated one of the boxes with a turkey. I let the kids decorate the other boxes.

We were given 4 addresses for deployed soldiers and we were so overwhelmed with the response for donations that we were able to pack up NINE boxes!

The kids wrote letters, colored pictures and then packed up the boxes. I had to do some rearranging after because the boxes were so overflowing.

We went to a turkey canvas painting class.

Our church packs up all the ingredients for a thanksgiving meal for families in need. This year we let Timmy and Grace do the grocery shopping. Then after mass we all gathered round to bless all that packed up bags of food. We were blessed to even see the people picking up their food. It is so special when you get a glimpse of the joy that your stewardship can bring others.

We are also fostering 2 little kittens this November. It is always a good lesson when you can show your kids that even Gods smallest creatures are worth our time. These 2 kittens cane to us at 2 weeks old because their mother became ill and stopped nursing. They are 4 weeks old now and doing well.