Sweet Memories

Timmy just asked Tim to put his email in the mailbox 😂 its a letter in an envelope addressed to Max. It says come here now.

Timmy set up a store. Tim went shopping but he had no cash. Timmy said he will take a check. Tim put a check mark on a piece of paper. If that worked in real life we’d be RICH!

Grace strolling her babies next to me strolling my Lydia.

Timmy coolest kid on a bike. He rides really fast then pulls his legs up and coasts. Then he rode backwards.

Lydia blows kisses. Its so stinkin cute.​

Grace woke me up screaming bloody murder at 2:30 am. So i go running in. Shes explains to me that her blanket is not square and its making her toes cold. Oh. My. Gukvdtyjnkkyfxss. I’ve raised an ultimate princess. To her future husband, I am sorry. She’s lucky she’s so cute.

Lydia only wants me 24/7. This is not an exaggeration it is a fact. When somone ekse holds her this is the result.  

And if my house could clean its self I’d hold her forever & ever but we are running low on clothes so either we order some more online or i get to washing.

When you make yourself a snack, measure it out because you’re on Weight Watchers trying to find your old body buried deep down & then this… It only took her seconds to lick all the whip cream. 

Oh this baby I just want to snuggle & take her picture all day.

You see her sleeping right here. Look while it lasts because in 5 seconds she’ll be trying to sniff me out and when she figures out I snuck out of bed she will be screaming. It’s like we are still one body 😂 Isn’t she cute tho?!?!

“Mommy I dont have boobies.” No Grace no you dont. “But i just had a baby how will I feed her?” 

Grace says shes inviting Madison and Denver to her wedding.

When Grace grows up she’s going to be a princess and I can live in her castle. #retirementplan 

New Years Eve 2016

Yes this house is hoppin on New Years Eve but the kid version. We invite our kids friends over for New Years Eve every year. Its more my style. I actually hate this holiday. It has always made me worry now that all my siblings are grown and doing their own thing. But praise Jesus everyone stayed home this year. 

Over here the kids had a blast. They just ran around crazy playing with all theor new christmas toys. I had them decorate cupcakes and I made hot chocolate from scratch with my moms recipe. I even added cold whip cream shaped stars on top. Best thing you’ve ever tasted.

Timmy wanted to dress up fancy he said. So I dressed up the whole crew.

Me, Lydia & Daddy made it to midnight and I made all my calls to my family. Them it was time for this party to end.

Timmy is 5

This was an emotional birthday. I’m sure it is for most moms. I really do have the sweetest little boy tho. I just want to keep him this way forever. I hate to think that the days are coming faster than I can handle and that this little boy who loves me with all his heart and soul will one day be a teenager and not want to snuggle on the couch and give nose kisses or play the I love you all day every day game where basically we see who can say it the most times. 

He’s such a lover of everything. The kind of kid who sees an ant and wants to keep it for a pet. His bedroom is a reptile sanctuary. His favorite things include lizard catching, drawing, magic tricks, robots, trains, cars, building things, camping (& he’s never even been), basketball, swinging super high and jumping off and board games. Today he built the “robot 3000” and it was a box with pencils for arms and a watch for eyes. The boy can work magic with tape. Tape & glue do not last in this house.

He loves his sisters so much. He begs to hold Lydia every chance he gets. And Grace is his partner in crime. Those two are so insync. They have just recently reached that “shes touching me” stage and boy does it make for great car rides. Mmmm. I try to keep my calm tho. I read somewhere that even tho we hear all the fighting they don’t. They never remember the fighting, its all bonding to them.

Thing hes not a fan of.. The dark, bedtime, going to the bathroom alone, scary movies which include Snow White, and Aunt Ericas robot vacuum.

For his birthday we surprised him and took him to SeaWorld. 

We had dinner with Shamu & Timmy alwaysss has a question.

We really had a beautiful time. Their Christmas display was amazing. They have a Nativity show told by the animals that is out of this world.

The next morning Timmy made me pancakes. During holiday time I try to be artistic with their food and he really loves it so he made me pamcakes that look like me. Check out those strawberry jam lips!

For his birthday gifts we bought him an art set and a ninja turtle zippy sack {thanks nickjr for all the as seen on tv ads}

Our elves Chippy & Twinkle Star made him an elf size cake for breakfast.

Then we had a joint birthday party with Addy. Aunt Jessica made him the ultimate lizard birthday cake and there was a bounce house, ballon maker and a face painter. So much fun!

Gracie’s Very First Recital

I love Gracie’s dance school. It is so beautiful to be surrounded by Jesus loving people outside of church. It gives you such a warm feeling to know that their are other people out there who are not afraid to live their life out loud for Jesus especially their business. Amazing Grace Dance School is just that.. Amazing!

Their first recital was a free Christmas performance for the community. I really did just feel so proud of Grace and was really trying to soak up this mommy daughter moment. I loved ballet as a little girl and now I get to watch my little girl love it too.  She did such a beautiful job.

She’s just gorgeous and she really shines on stage. The smile on her face was just priceless. And when she got her flowers from Daddy & Aunt Erica she was in heaven.

Christmas 2016

This year was so magical. Timmy and Grace are at that perfect age and whats more magical than a snuggly little baby.

Santa was very good to these munchkins. Timmy got K’nex, magic tricks and a LIZARD! Grace opened a baby doll that eats & poops, an easy bake oven and a princess bike! In her stocking was the singing flower she asked for. Santa had some help from Aunt Erica with that one. Lydia got a pink swing for the playset, a minnie mouse walker and a mermaid bath toy. Santa brings each kid 3 gifts because in this house if 3 gifts were good enough for baby Jesus then its good enough for us.  

Our Christmas cards this year came out sooooo cute if I must say so myself. But real talk it was hard work to pull off. It took several days to do because the kids can only handle so much of my photography.

Ok I have the cutest kids ever!

Theres so much more to write about but the kitchen is calling my name.

Fruits of the Spirit – Patience

This years theme is Fruit of the Spirit. Last year at our church class we studied people of the bible so I thought this would be a good change. 

We talked about each different “fruit” and colored our own group fruit basket.

We talked about how the closer we are to Jesus the better we will be able to use each of these gifts.

This week we focused on patience. The lemon represented patience in our basket so I let each kid taste test some lemon juice. For snack we shared a fruit bowl and practiced being patient until everyone was served and prayed, then they were able to eat.

We played board games to practice waiting our turn. The kids were very good at this and were even xheering each other on. We played operation and mouse match. 

Sweet Memories

In the car today whike waiting for Gda’s dr appt to end the kids were running thru my car like a playground and this is what I hear, “Ahhh we are crashing the school bus into the school! Oh no our wheel is stuck. Hurry Grace hop on my magic surf board! Wowwww you have a mahic surf board.”

My kids were working on a surprise for me. I had to close my eyes. I opened my eyes to a winter wonderland. Cotton balls everywhere. 2 bags full. They asked my to buy cotton balls but said it was a secret for what they were for. They whispered theor plans to the lady behind me in line at the register. She told them ooo mommy will loce that! I’m still cleaning up cotton balls. That was 2 weeks ago. I love these kids and all their big & messy ideas. Can’t wait to show them real snow one day.

When your sweet boy draws you a portrait and the body shape is all too telling. Time to get fit so my little picaso can paint me in something other than a moo moo. Can’t say its not accurate. 🙈