Sweet Memories

In the car today whike waiting for Gda’s dr appt to end the kids were running thru my car like a playground and this is what I hear, “Ahhh we are crashing the school bus into the school! Oh no our wheel is stuck. Hurry Grace hop on my magic surf board! Wowwww you have a mahic surf board.”

My kids were working on a surprise for me. I had to close my eyes. I opened my eyes to a winter wonderland. Cotton balls everywhere. 2 bags full. They asked my to buy cotton balls but said it was a secret for what they were for. They whispered theor plans to the lady behind me in line at the register. She told them ooo mommy will loce that! I’m still cleaning up cotton balls. That was 2 weeks ago. I love these kids and all their big & messy ideas. Can’t wait to show them real snow one day.

When your sweet boy draws you a portrait and the body shape is all too telling. Time to get fit so my little picaso can paint me in something other than a moo moo. Can’t say its not accurate. 🙈

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