Homeschool Week 9/10/11

So I’m attempting a no photo November kind like no shave for the men. I’m not gonna take any pictures of my kids. Honestly I don’t think it’s healthy at least not at the rate that I’m snapping their photo. So here goes.

Disclaimer: I almost never stick to the goals that I set.

Since I’ll have no photos of the fun things they do I’ll have to do a better job of writing it all down.

Update: Totally failed. Made it 5 days without my camera.


They put together a time capsule. In Timmy’s was a bunny, a drum stick, mino’s food bowl & a baby book so that we can think about Lydia when she grows up and moves away. Grace won’t tell me what’s in hers. Typical Grace. They buried it themselves in the backyard.

Later in the day we laid on a blanket and red poetry from Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Timmy had piano and voice lessons. My church choir director seems to think very highly of Timmy and has offered him free lessons so we are grateful for that.

Timmy and Grace both had religious education and learned about helping others.

And hmmm guess I fell way behind because that was Monday like 3 weeks ago. So this is what we’ve been up to this November.


Nature Hunts.


Went to a chocolate factory.

Had a Fall Festival and Mama was the face painter.

Sweet Memories

Grace came into my room tonight with a bunch of questions: Mom who did you play with when you were a kid, what kind of toys did you have, what shows did you watch? When I told her I played with my sisters she couldn’t understand why I still didn’t live with them because sisters live together. Funny how when you’re a kid you don’t realize that we don’t live together forever. & sad at the same time. She wanted to watch the Same shows I used to watch but Eurekas Castle isn’t on anymore lol. I found it on YouTube and we watched an episode of that and muppet babies and she she fell asleep in my arms. Such a sweet end to our day.

I’m burnt to a crisp. Only in Florida to you get a summer sunburn in late October. Luckily Dr Timmy lives here. He is just the sweetest. He brought my ice water and kept feeding it to me and touching my skin insisting I still needed more to cool down. “Mom what else can I do for you?” I could eat him up.

Lydia is selective with her lovin. Sometimes you ask her for a kiss and you get a big ole wet one, other times it’s quick shake of the head nooooooo. She thinks she’s so funny.

Grace just asked me if I knew who Santas girlfriend was. Lol

Lydia says Ready Set Gooooo

A Spooky Halloween

This year Timmy picked our theme and he wanted it to be spooky. Which makes zero sense because the boy is afraid of his own shadow. My kids think Snow White is scary so this should be interesting.

Timmy is a Vampire, Grace is a witch and Lydia is a cat.

Lydia is probably not going to love these photos when she gets older but she makes for the cutest little booty pumpkin.

All she wants to do is eat the pumpkins and Grace for real ate them when we were carving. Is that normal & safe? I do not know.

Timmy was very serious about this pumpkin thing because he wants the seeds for his garden. He plants everything these days.

Which brings me to this video. I had such high hopes for the magic of this idea..until he found the price tag. Oops.

Well we tried. Lol

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on the most beautiful Florida day. Look at these cute littles in their boots. I love it so much I want to hang it in my house. Reminds me how me and Tim met country line dancing and now we have three kids rocking their cowboy boots.

We went through the corn maze and on a hayride. Then we played in the pumpkin patch and I loaded them all into a wagon for a ride.

Check out this new little pumpkin! Presentinggggg Benjamin Bayer.

Grace and Max are the cutest. The love is real!

We made some bat snacks for Aunt Erica’s growing bump too. Pretty soon between me and my sisters we could open our own school with all our kids.

Total Pinterest fail was this crayon melting pumpkin. It’s hard work and the wax goes everywhere.

Ahhhh mummies!

We invited some Jesus into our pumpkin celebration too.

And just more photos of Lydia being the cutest baby ever!

We rocked Trunk or Treat! My whole family came up even Sam’s boyfriend did a trunk and the two of them totally had the best trunks!

Homeschool Week 8

It’s Halloween week! Sorta. Halloween is on a Tuesday so everything is happening this week.

We had a lot of pumpkin fun learning. First we did a pumpkin investigation. It was awesome. They had to guess how many lines, the circumference, the height in cubes, the weight and whether the pumpkin would float.

Then we tested all our guesses. The kids love this kind of work.

We also did a pumpkin life cycle craft that my friend so graciously gave us from her tpt store. That website is the best invention ever.

We wrote down what Timmy knew about pumpkins.

We drew Halloween word pictures to match these letter sounds.

We made pumpkin playdoh with pumpkin purée.

For our Stewardship Club we had a Halloween parade at the local nursing home.

Timmy learned read a Level 1 book – Clifford’s Halloween Parade. He’s a great reader. It is so excited to see him putting it all together.

Timmy drew a map of the adventure he wants to take for his 18th birthday. He has big plans. First we sail the ocean, then hike the jungle, cross the Great Wall of china and then to Australian to see kangaroos.

In his kitchen class he learned how to crack and egg and peal a hard boiled egg.

Homeschool Week 7

Lots going on this week! Monday is Columbus Day and it’s Fire Safety Week.

My Busy Hive Club was all things Christopher Columbus. The kids had the best time. We started the party tracing and cutting out our Columbus hats and then decorating toilet paper telescopes.

How cute are those kids! Next we did a sink or float experiment. The kids made their guesses and then we tested it out together.

For snack we made apple boats with fruit leather sails. While they ate I read to them some facts about Christopher Columbus.

Next each kid had to make a boat out of tin foil. I remember doing this as a kid. I had a pretend ocean in our sandbox and I printed a map of Spain on one end of our “ocean” and the Bahamas on the other end. I showed the kids on our globe how far Columbus sailed. Then it was their turn to race toward the Bahamas. Using straws they raced their boats with a partner.

Last thing we did was see which boat could hold the most weight by adding pennies. It really was a super successful day.

To celebrate Fire Safety Week we went to visit our fire station. They put on such a nice tour. One guy gets all suited up and shows the kids not to be afraid if they see someone dressed like that. Which I never thought of because I bet had they never seen a fire fighter before it would be scary. They talked about crawling under smoke, calling 911 and emergency plans. Each kid was sent home with blueprint paper to draw up an emergency plan.

This is Timmy’s devotional journal. It says The Lord keeps us safe. We are full of joy because of Him. He drew a fire truck because it talked about safety.

We ended the week with a cooking lesson. Mini chocolate chip pumpkin loafs.

Homeschool Week 6

It’s October!!! We are learning about creepy crawlers and depending who you ask frogs can totally be considered creepy crawlers. I wasn’t planning on including frogs but it’s been raining a lot so we are inundated with tadpoles. We talked about different habitats and I let them create the perfect home for our new babies. Then we did a frog life cycle craft.

We have a Mysteries of Nature book and I let them each pick a page that they wanted to learn more about. Grace picked a Venus Flytrap and Timmy picked a Sea Cucumber. Both super gross actually. Sea Cucumbers puke out all their organs to scare off predators. Ick.

We went on a field trip to Uncle Matts printing shop and made credit cards. The kids loved it. They learned that that 4 colors make up all the color in a printer; cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then had a little chocolate fondue snack.

It seriously rained everyday so we went for a walk in the rain. They thought I was so awesome.

We finished Charlotte’s Web and did this cute spider craft. Then we talked about spiders.

We also made some edible mud with pudding and made a mess of our Wilbur craft.

Grace is doing really well with her letter sounds and Timmy is just getting into money lessons in his math book.

We read Room on the Broom a million times. I love it. Then the kids made handprint witches.