Homeschool Week 9/10/11

So I’m attempting a no photo November kind like no shave for the men. I’m not gonna take any pictures of my kids. Honestly I don’t think it’s healthy at least not at the rate that I’m snapping their photo. So here goes.

Disclaimer: I almost never stick to the goals that I set.

Since I’ll have no photos of the fun things they do I’ll have to do a better job of writing it all down.

Update: Totally failed. Made it 5 days without my camera.


They put together a time capsule. In Timmy’s was a bunny, a drum stick, mino’s food bowl & a baby book so that we can think about Lydia when she grows up and moves away. Grace won’t tell me what’s in hers. Typical Grace. They buried it themselves in the backyard.

Later in the day we laid on a blanket and red poetry from Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Timmy had piano and voice lessons. My church choir director seems to think very highly of Timmy and has offered him free lessons so we are grateful for that.

Timmy and Grace both had religious education and learned about helping others.

And hmmm guess I fell way behind because that was Monday like 3 weeks ago. So this is what we’ve been up to this November.


Nature Hunts.


Went to a chocolate factory.

Had a Fall Festival and Mama was the face painter.

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