Girl Time

This has to be in the top ten most treasured moments. Gracie’s first mommy manicure. I can’t get enough of this picture with her little hands matchibg mine.

Blowing them dry all big girl like.

Spring Crafting

I haven’t really been in the Easter spirit. My house isn’t even decorated which is so unlike me. But Timmy has been begging to use this big container of crafts my cousin bought him. Pretty cool gift, comes with a book of crafts with ever supply in a big bucket.

Timmy made a frog and Grace {mommy mostly} made a chick.

Then Timmy wanted to make this mama bird on her nest and I was pretty impressed. It was his idea to add a cracked egg with a baby bird in it.

I never blog any of the holidays. I always say I’ll do it later and never do. Hopefully Easter will be different. The kids have 3 parties next week!

Today’s menu: Mud Pies

Mmm yum!

It was really fun to watch it all play out but I’m guessing the clean up won’t be. I’ll let you know whenever that happens 🙊

It rained yesterday and filled the outside toy kitchen sink with water. We have a mole in the yard that was busy yesterday because there were little dirt mounds everywhere. 

The perfect storm. I watched as Timmys mind put it all together. 

“Mommy! Look! I’m cooking.” He went on to tell me that everyone was coming over and that this pie was for Uncle Tom and Aunt Sam.  That’s the cost for being the favorites. 😊

Can it get any grosser? Yes.

When the pie started getting a little too dry they went to the dogs water dish and filled up toy cups. Grace didn’t get the memo that the water was for the mud pie and before I could get over to her she was taking a sip. Ahhhh!

The chef & Sous Chef:

Sweet Memories

Today when I had to yell at Timmy not to kick his sister in the head he ran off saying, “I’m running away forever!” I thought this was a little dramatic and way premature. Isn’t it early for my son to be running away? He’s only 3!

Gracies new obsession is watching her baby on the monitor. Sometimes there’s not even a baby doll in her crib but she watches that baby like its her job, constantly updating me on the baby’s sleeping situation. 

For Saint Patricks Day we did nothing festive but I did make some green pancakes for the kids. Grace was a little less than amused by the gesture.

I looove having my sister Sam here. It’s like having a second mother for the kids. And when she plays with them it’s for real, like she is actually totally into it for herself. Making cakes in the pretend kitchen, painting like she’s Picasso.. I think the kids really appreciate that all in kinda playtime.

Major plus. After this paint session, she bathed them and cleaned up all the paint! What a blessing.

Then of course there’s Gracies latest fashion trends:

One sock, pajama shorts, 3 t-shirts and a bow!

Or a zebra headband and Timmys grasshopper shirt on top of her pjs.

We call it hamper diving now. Sometimes it’s clean clothes andddd sometimes not. You just never know.

But this is what it’s all about. Nothing convinces me more to have like ten, twelve kids than these moments.

Gracie & Bugs

Timmy screams bloody murder at anything with wings, including birds. However in his defense he did get attacked by birds at the zoo when he was eating lunch annnnd they stole his chicken nuggets. Bad birds!

Grace, on the other hand, HUGE fan. Lover of all things gross. Wants to give everything a kiss, where Timmy likes to keep a healthy distance. 

She fell in love with this {already dead} beetle.

And then there’s lizards… Good thing Uncle Tom is a master lizard catcher. Under his traing I think she will be catching them herself in no time.

Sweet Memories

Timmy says, “I love your eyes mommy, they’re so black and blue.” 😂

When Max or Grace cries Timmy runs over and starts singing them a Jesus song. IT IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER. His go to songs are “Come into my heart Lord Jesus” or “Jesus Loves Me”

Timmy fell asleep on the couch and Grace quietly snuck up right next to him and literally watched him sleep. 😍

Listening to them saying sorry to each other and the other one saying it’s ok without my prompting. Makes me feel like maybe they are listening to me.

Grace putting her tiara on backwards and sitting in the middle of a pile of Every. Book. We. Own. 

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach and every time I feel so blessed that this is my life. That I get to spend everyday with my favorite little people basically on vacation in paradise. And how thankful we are that Daddy works so hard to make this life possible for us.

Surprise Disney Trip

A couple of weeks ago I woke up at 6am and decided to take the kids to Disney. Solo.

Probably sounds a tad bit crazy but I love Disney  and my kids do too. And surprisingly it was just as easy as going to anything else solo but wayyyy more fun. We had the best time!


Grace is totally obsessed with Timmy. Loooooves her big brother. 

She’s currently really into dressing herself. Today she came out dressed in Timmys {dirty} bathing suit. The shirt was inside out but still very impressive.

Then she went and laid on the carpet just like him to watch some Mickey.

And then she got alittle bit closer…

Seriously it’s the best just watching them interact.

I’ll push you Timmy as Timmy’s feet almost drag on the ground😂

if Timmy can be a monkey..

So can Grace!

Timmys lil shadow and side kick 💗

Mommy & Timmy Slumber Party

Tim has started what I thought to be a bad habit of laying next to Timmys bed every night until he falls asleep. So every night after stories and prayers, Timmy says, “Daddy are you going to help me?” He’s really only in there for 10 minutes and he falls right to sleep.

But when Tim has to work late and misses bedtime.. It’s a disaster! Timmy screams at the top of his lungs every excuse in the book. He’s hungry, thirsty, needs to go potty and then it’s I’m scared. I’m a sucker for that one because well I get scared too when Daddy isn’t home. So I scoop him up and let him sleep in my bed. 

Bad parenting right? Maybe not.

When you have more than one kid you lose so much of that one on one time with your kids. So what if it’s at 10:30 at night? This boy was so happy to snuggle up under my covers, grabbing my face and telling me he loves me soooo much. Telling me, “See mommy I’m not scared anymore!” and “You’re the best Mommy ever!”

Who could say no to that? 

And if I had, I would have missed out on this special one on one time. I wonder if that’s  what my husbands idea is behind laying with Timmy every night. That man is smart.

Slumber party selfies!