Baby #3 Update 16 weeks

 Hmmmmm I am definitely looking the part. Lol.

I went to a specialist this week for what I thought was a preeclampsia consultation. I was a little surprised that they wanted to do an ultrasound since I had just had one the week before. This was a Level 2 machine so the ultrasound pictures were very clear. 

 To me it looks like the baby is smiling and waving hiiii! 

 I feel like that looks like Gracie’s face.

I was all very excited after this sonogram, texting the pictures to everyone I knew. Then quickly things changed. They sat me down with a genetic counselor to tell me the ultrasound showed a soft marker for Trisonomy 21. It’s called an Echogenic Bowel. Instantly I was crying. My husband stayed home with the kids because we thought this was going to be a very basic appointment so I was all alone.

From that point on things moved quickly. They had me filling out a family tree adding the ethnicity of every person. They were taking blood. All the time I’m crying. Then I met with the Doctor. I was there for 4 hours. Worst experience ever.

So basically right now we are waiting. They will call us in 14 business days to let us know the blood test results and I’ll get another sonogram in 4 weeks to see if it gets better.

It’s a very weird feeling. I don’t want to be sad because I don’t want this child to think that I was not happy to have them. I am very happy. I feel a little overwhelmed to whether I am equipped to be the kind of mom it takes to raise a child with a disability. But I do know that my kids would be great at it. Timmy and Grace already love this baby so much that I’m convinced if this is the path God is leading us down than they would be the best siblings. 

I’m really trying not to obsess but I can’t help but look up information. The next 14 days are going to be long.

Grace is 2 1/2

Big news! We are officially potty trained. No more diapers in this house until July. It is so amazing to me. 
In other news Grace finally has a big girl room. It’s my favorite room in the house now probably because it’s clean. 

She totally loves it too and hasn’t yet fallen out.  

She weighs 28.5 pounds and she’s 36 inches! She loves her hair braided like Elsa. She loves to sing. She makes up her own songs and she sings LOUD. She eats cheese like its candy. She’s not picky at all. Swinging is her ultimate favorite thing to do. If you read her one book be prepared to lead twenty. She has just recently taken to tv. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She really thinks the show is asking for her help. She runs to the tv to pick the mouskatool.  Her favorite movies are Frozen, 101 Dalmations and Dumbo. She cries at every movie. She’s very concerned about the puppies getting cold and the mama elephant. She is still super mom. You will catch her any day of the week with her 10 babies being dressed and fed. Now that we are starting to take out things for our real new baby, her babies are using them and she puts the music on for them and everything.  

 It’s not all sweetness tho. She is what they kindly call strong willed. She knows what she wants and beware if you get in her way. Rolling her eyes at me comes very natural to her. She bites. Only Timmy tho which is good and bad. If she bit other kids I’d have to lock myself in this house. She’s not the kind of kid you worry about getting picked on. She has an attack mode lol. 

Regardless of their occasional fights, Timmy is her most favoritest person. They play all day. Pretend play in high gear. There are days where they are both dogs, eating out of bowls on the floor. It is the best show to watch. Nothing makes me happier then the love they have for each other. It’s like they live in their own world.

Homeschool Letter V

V is for Valentine. The kids are very excited about this mostly because a lot of our activities involve candy.

For church playgroup our valentines party was all about how much Jesus loves them. We played the “Jesus Loves Me” song and made this puzzle piece craft. 

 Then they made an arrow with their name on it. 

For snack the kids decorated cookies and brought them to the Father Ulto and his office staff. They are all so enthusiastic with the kids you could tell the kids were all so proud. 


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. We went to mass with our playgroup friends to get ashes and then we went to the nursing home to hand out Valentine cards. 

Look what difference a year makes! 

We did some candy math. They had to guess how many hearts fit into a big heart. They both guessed 5.  


Life has been very busy since my dad moved back in with us. So yesterday we didn’t start school until 5PM! But hey we still dos something.

We traced the letter Vv and did a handwriting worksheet. Timmy does these perfectly now and of course Grace is still just learning. 

We filled out a worksheet about what they love. I’m gonna try to do this every year. 

Then we made Valentine cards to send to their friends. 

 So yesterday 5pm and today 6AM lol. Some days my kids wake up begging for homeschool to start.

This morning we sorted candy by color.  


Baby #3 Update

We got our first ultrasound! Seriously felt like Christmas morning waiting for that doctor appointment. Everything looks good and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. 

 sooooo adorable! 13 weeks 6 days official due date is August 4th!

My sweet children also were awaiting their own ultrasound because surprise they are both pregnant too. 😂 but that was a no go.

How I wish my hair was done for this picture but we keeps it real. This is my forever hair do lately. I’m only 13 weeks here and I’m certain that looks like a 6 month belly. 

My kids are already so in love. Grace is very concerned about where the baby goes to the bathroom. She wants me to wear diapers.

They both will play with and kiss my belly and bring toys to put under my shirt for the baby to play with. It’s very much real for them.

I feel like they get it more than I do. It’s harder this time around to really feel pregnant. I’m already 14 weeks and I know that I am pregnant but there’s not that ah ha moment of omg this is really happening. With 2 kids I guess there’s just not alot of time to sit around and ponder this pregnancy. I blinked and I’m in the second trimester.

It hasn’t kept me from shopping tho! Bought the kids big brother, big sister shirts for the hospital and now I’m waiting on the funds to buy the baby its hospital outfit. It’s gonna be all white. If I could turn everything all white I’d be happy. I think I’m going germaphobe in my old age. All thing white please.

She can not wait to be a big sister ❤️

Sweet Memories

Timmy just kissed me and said that’s a marry kiss bc soon we are getting married and daddy and grace are gonna come to our marry and all our friends too.

The kids are sitting on the couch staring at the back of a chair using a red flip flop as a remote. They are arguing over whether to watch Mickey Mouse or Agent Oso. Pretty intense imaginations. 


Grace is putting my shoes on to go outside…

“Grace don’t wear my shoes you have to wear your own.”

“Mommy I’m not a listener!”

This is what happening when you step inside to go to the bathroom. It’s 58 degrees out and they are splashing around in an empty sandbox like its a pool. They claim it was the best day ever. Very short lived tho. They just can’t grasp winter maybe because it only lasts for half a day.

The other day I went into Timmys room to get clothes for Grave and he says to me, “Mom didn’t you see my door was shut?” I was like umm yea. He says, “I’m getting dressed and I don’t want you to see me naked.” Who is this man child trapped in my baby boy’s body? 

Timmy has moved up to the boy section of the store. I drove all the way to the outlets to buy him clothes from Carters. They are the only store that still considers size 5 to be little boy rather than teenager. All the other stores only sell shirts with minecraft, Nintendo and super heroes. I’m not anti super hero but every day wear? No thank you. Trucks and dinosaurs where it’s at for us.

Timmy says “stair stocks” instead of “fiddle sticks” lol he must have heard it wrong. Now it’s changed to fish sticks. 

Timmys new word is “well”

I asked him to doctor on my arm bc it’s been really hurting. He says, “Welllllll I’m not gonna be a doctor until Saturday.” So I asked him if he could try. “Welllllll I’ll do my best. But I’m gonna need a screw driver. Andddd a paper towel for all the blood.” I was cracking up.