Sweet Memories

Timmy just kissed me and said that’s a marry kiss bc soon we are getting married and daddy and grace are gonna come to our marry and all our friends too.

The kids are sitting on the couch staring at the back of a chair using a red flip flop as a remote. They are arguing over whether to watch Mickey Mouse or Agent Oso. Pretty intense imaginations. 


Grace is putting my shoes on to go outside…

“Grace don’t wear my shoes you have to wear your own.”

“Mommy I’m not a listener!”

This is what happening when you step inside to go to the bathroom. It’s 58 degrees out and they are splashing around in an empty sandbox like its a pool. They claim it was the best day ever. Very short lived tho. They just can’t grasp winter maybe because it only lasts for half a day.

The other day I went into Timmys room to get clothes for Grave and he says to me, “Mom didn’t you see my door was shut?” I was like umm yea. He says, “I’m getting dressed and I don’t want you to see me naked.” Who is this man child trapped in my baby boy’s body? 

Timmy has moved up to the boy section of the store. I drove all the way to the outlets to buy him clothes from Carters. They are the only store that still considers size 5 to be little boy rather than teenager. All the other stores only sell shirts with minecraft, Nintendo and super heroes. I’m not anti super hero but every day wear? No thank you. Trucks and dinosaurs where it’s at for us.

Timmy says “stair stocks” instead of “fiddle sticks” lol he must have heard it wrong. Now it’s changed to fish sticks. 

Timmys new word is “well”

I asked him to doctor on my arm bc it’s been really hurting. He says, “Welllllll I’m not gonna be a doctor until Saturday.” So I asked him if he could try. “Welllllll I’ll do my best. But I’m gonna need a screw driver. Andddd a paper towel for all the blood.” I was cracking up.

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