Easter Celebrations

Everything about Easter was perfect. It was 24 hours of pure happiness.

Erica and Victoria made their confirmation at the Easter Vigil. I was so honored to be part of this special ceremony. Luckily they had a kid room because it was 3 hours long. They had us walk into the church with candles and it was all quiet until you hear Timmy say, “Mommy where are you?” Tim had his hands full with both kids but Thomas and Sam came to his rescue. He said he couldn’t have done it without them.


The kids looked so adorable in their Sunday best.




We woke up at 5am Easter morning for sunrise mass at our own church. Probably sounds alittle crazy to do with a baby and a 2 year old but I really want to start traditions that teach the true meaning of the holiday. It was well worth it to celebrate with our church family. Timmy kept the mood light by yelling out that Father Victor got him all wet when he walked around with the baptism water wand and then when it was really quiet and the wind knocked over the cross you heard a loud, “UH OH!” It was really beautiful to start in the dark and then leave in the light.



The kids went back to sleep until 9:00 and then we opened Easter baskets and hunted for Easter eggs. Timmy was very excited about all the candy. I think he’s going to have a sweet tooth like his Daddy. Grace didn’t know any better but she still joined in all the fun. I was impressed with Timmy’s hunting skills, he knew exactly what he was doing.







The kids played with Daddy while I finished up my baking. I made strawberry cake cookies and banana pudding with peanut butter cookies. Both a first for me and both a huge hit!


Here’s the recipe:


The kids took a special Easter bath {mrs lauryns idea} and had so much fun!



Then we were off to Aunt Erica’s. This was her first time hosting Easter and it was amazing. The food was delicious. All the kids played great. Thomas even caught Timmy a lizard! Samantha curled everyone’s hair. The adults played a trivia game. Max and Grace hung out in the play pen. Her house just has the perfect set up for having parties.







I can’t say enough about what a great day it was. We are truly blessed.

Terrible Two’s

Seems like lately yelling is my only volume. It’s such a bad habit but this boy does one shockingly naughty thing after another. Some days it feels like nothing I say is getting through to him and then he gives me this little gem of sanity…

I’m standing in the kitchen watching him play outside. He comes in starts walking towards me and THEN, he stops in his tracks turns around and shuts the door without being told.

Sounds silly but not if you’ve been telling him to shut the door for what feels like his whole life.

Now to the next lesson – making sand into a ball does not make it a rock. I’ve been handed these “rocks” twice already and now there’s sand everywhere.

See mommy it’s a ROCK!

Homeschool: Easter

A lot of this weeks focus was on behavior. Terrible two’s have hit an all time high. Timmy is hitting and talking back. I’m not gonna lie, I have no clue what to do about it. Right now I’m doing time out but he does it so much that I find myself too exhausted to follow thru every time.

On a positive note, new manners he’s picked up are “I’m sorry” and “God bless you” when someone sneezes. It’s adorable.

This week there was a lot of reading going on. We started with going to the library and picking up some theme related books. I want to start doing this with every new week. Each day we read a couple of verses about Holy Week from the Read and Learn Bible. This is my favorite so far of all the children’s Bibles.

We really talked a lot about Jesus’ cross and it was really sweet to hear him point out his cross projects around the house.

First was a egg carton cross. You need an18 count egg carton so that it’s big enough for the cross and then some paint. I thought this was a great project and Timmy really enjoyed it.




We also made a cross with Timmy’s hand going down in purple paint and Gracie’s handprints going across. I did this on canvas so it might become permanent decoration in this house.


I made a bunny mask out of a paper plate, construction paper and pipe cleaners. Then we hopped around the house like bunnies. Now he wants to hop everywhere. And when he went to see the Easter bunny, first thing he said was “Bunny hop hop” so I think he got this lesson.


I love handprint/footprint anything of my babies so we made footprint carrots for an Easter decoration. I’m in love with it and the kids got a kick out of me painting their feet. Wipes have become a staple with paint supplies, makes clean up very quick and easy.



Timmy also did some circle painting with plastic Easter eggs.



His masterpiece:


I brought out the safety scissors and was excited to see some progress. There were definitely cuts in this paper. I don’t think he’s ready to cut lines but he has made big improvements since a couple of weeks ago.


He also worked on lacing beads which eventually {like everything else} turned into lassoing beads. He is all about being a cowboy. You even hear him saying “Yeehaw!”



He took coloring to new level and decided he was going to use his feet instead of his hands.


It’s 4:30 am Easter morning, I better go check to see if that Easter bunny made it to our house yet!

Come on Mommy

All day I hear…

“Mommy come on play choo choo train!”

“Mommy come on build a castle!”

“Come on Mommy!!!!!”

How do I say no to that? But how do I say yes to it every time and ever get anything else done in this house. I really feel so guilty to pass on playtime so here we are 8 am playing trains.



I’m a little overwhelmed to find out Timmy has asthma but relieved that we finally know why he is always sick.

Now he’s on a nebulizer every 6 hours for a week and then they are going to re-evaluate. He is terrified of the machine. He cried then I cried, it was a mess. I think he thinks we are trying to poison him. This mornings treatment went easier because I let him hold a gummy bear until it was over and then let him eat it.

They also changed his allergy medicine. I feel so bad loading him up with all this medicine. The good thing is the nebulizer works instantly and last night was probably his first cough free night in months.

UPDATE: tonight’s treatment went so well. He held the mouth piece himself and almost finished the whole thing. Brought daddy to tears. I can’t imagine {and I don’t want to} what it must be like to have a child that is seriously sick. Seeing Timmy using this machine gives me an eerie feeling. It reminds me to thank God for these healthy babies and to say a prayer the parents who are praying for their babies to get well.



Simple Days

Sometimes just doing the simple, ordinary things can make life feel so peaceful. {at least for me it does}

I found these two sleepy heads all snuggled up this morning.


When we went to water the garden we were very surprised to see a big yellow flower.


And I’m sad to report that we buzzed Timmy’s hair. No more sweet curls but I think it’s better for this hot weather.


And he got his first lollipop!


Then we went to the park and I just can’t stand how big he is. I couldn’t believe that next to me on the swings was my own son.


He is crazy about slides. This child is fearless and I can’t wait until I can take him on big kid rides to show him what it’s all about.


Then it was home for lunch and naptime. Even mommy napped!!

After we went to the library to check out some Easter books and a homeschooling guide. Timmy stole a train book from another kid and I felt bad but there was no way Timmy was giving up that book.



Yesterday we got a surprise visitor..MEMAW!! Timmy was so excited. Seeing them play together at the park was the best. Timmy left her high and dry though on the big kid slide lol.


Gracie tested out the swings again.


So pretty much we’ve been doing just everyday things and sometimes those are the sweetest times.


Homeschool: Springtime

This week we talked a lot about flowers and baby animals. I found a book at a consignment shop all about baby animals and it came with a DVD. It was about all the baby animals on a farm. Timmy loved it. It was real life animals not cartoon, so he kept trying hug the tv.

We started the week with a lamb craft. I always remember doing a lamb craft for spring when I was in school.

This craft came out so cute. I pre-cut the legs and face and then showed Timmy how to make a dot with the white paint. He was really into it.




For a science activity we melted ice. First with our hands and then with salt. This was a big hit. I was impressed with it too. Of course he had to taste it even though I warned him not to.





Timmy really enjoyed playing with the corn kernels and cooking utensils last week and he asked to do it again this week. When he was done playing we used a paper towel roll, a napkin, tape and the corn kernels to make a rain stick.





Timmy worked with bunny and puppy stamps.


This week Timmy has been doing a lot of pretend play. It’s amazing for me to watch. He uses belts as fishing poles and goes fishing in the playpen. He also uses the belts as a lasso and tries to lasso his cars {and sometimes Grace}. He came over to me and offered me a drink of tea. He was drinking his tea and telling me how good it tasted.


Then I caught him in the playroom with his cowboy hat on and sitting on his horse yelling yeehaw!


And these two animals are always fighting. Rawr.


Timmy made a bird feeder using real tools at a Home Depot event and the birds were already feasting last night. He was so amazed when the cardinal sat on the feeder. He was saying, “Eat dinner bird.”




We went to Bass Pro to see their fish tank and it fit in perfect with baby animal week because they have about every animal you could think of stuffed all around the store. So we walked around for a little bit pointing out all the animals. Next time we are going to go in time for the fish feeding.


To really celebrate spring we built a vegetable garden. Timmy was so excited. Pretty sure he thought we were building him a sandbox though. He was a big help breaking up all the dirt and watering the plants. Hope it works.



We did a mess free {my favorite kind}flower craft. I cut a flower shape and put it in a ziplock. Then I let him squirt different color paints into the bag. Then he squished the paint all around to color the flower. No clean up!





We spent a lot of time outdoors in the sandbox and sprinkler, at the park and we went to the zoo and Magic Kingdom. It’s definitely spring time here!







Gracie is my little teachers assistant 😊


Turned 29 today. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this happy. I don’t feel at all uneasy about almost being 30.

Yesterday my sister had a mommy play date for my birthday and made my favorite food {Which could have been anything with Brie on it}. It was very gourmet with fresh crushed blackberries and honey on a croissant with grilled chicken, spinach and Brie. She made egg shaped, chocolate dipped rice crispies and the girls brought cupcakes and bunny bait. Jessica spoiled the kids with their own Easter baskets.




Later my whole family came over and my mom made my favorite broccoli and macaroni. It was so good. None of us can make it like her. They really spoiled me this year. They all chipped in and got me a spa day with massage, facial and mani/pedi. I couldn’t believe it. The card was so sweet too. My brothers note was a heart melter. My sisters roommate gave us BABYSITTING bucks! Can’t put a price on that. She’s so super nice.


We celebrated with this fancy cake!


I’d had enough good food I didn’t want to spoil my diet with a cake too. Today marks 50 pounds lost since Grace was born. I owe it all to my husband really. He has been so supportive and it’s helping us both get back to our prebaby selves. {just do we can do it all over again}

His gift to me was my blonde hair back. I have not been to a salon in 2+ years. I am so happy with it.


I hate when people take selfies but today I’m all about it with this new hair. I only send them to Lauryn and Sabrina. Thank heaven for those girls, they keep me laughing like pee your pants laughing.

The real highlight of my day tho was my boy saying happy birthday mommy and then Grace stood up in her playpen for the first time!


Timmy the Builder

Home Depot has the cutest free program for kids. Every first Saturday of the month they give the kids an apron, a hammer and a little wood project to build.

This month was a bird feeder. The kids all look so cute with their orange Home Depot aprons on and the dads had a little bit of a blank stare looking at the directions. 😊

Timmy was ready to get right down to business.


He was all about the hammer, that is until they brought out the glue.



Daddy was proud of his masterpiece! Now he’s talking about building sandboxes and forts…