Turned 29 today. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this happy. I don’t feel at all uneasy about almost being 30.

Yesterday my sister had a mommy play date for my birthday and made my favorite food {Which could have been anything with Brie on it}. It was very gourmet with fresh crushed blackberries and honey on a croissant with grilled chicken, spinach and Brie. She made egg shaped, chocolate dipped rice crispies and the girls brought cupcakes and bunny bait. Jessica spoiled the kids with their own Easter baskets.




Later my whole family came over and my mom made my favorite broccoli and macaroni. It was so good. None of us can make it like her. They really spoiled me this year. They all chipped in and got me a spa day with massage, facial and mani/pedi. I couldn’t believe it. The card was so sweet too. My brothers note was a heart melter. My sisters roommate gave us BABYSITTING bucks! Can’t put a price on that. She’s so super nice.


We celebrated with this fancy cake!


I’d had enough good food I didn’t want to spoil my diet with a cake too. Today marks 50 pounds lost since Grace was born. I owe it all to my husband really. He has been so supportive and it’s helping us both get back to our prebaby selves. {just do we can do it all over again}

His gift to me was my blonde hair back. I have not been to a salon in 2+ years. I am so happy with it.


I hate when people take selfies but today I’m all about it with this new hair. I only send them to Lauryn and Sabrina. Thank heaven for those girls, they keep me laughing like pee your pants laughing.

The real highlight of my day tho was my boy saying happy birthday mommy and then Grace stood up in her playpen for the first time!


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