Its a Girl!

It makes me crazy that its been a week since little Lydia was born.

Lydia Elizabeth ~ born at 8:06 am ~ 9 pounds 6 ounces ~ 20 inches 

The very excited mommy & daddy!

Just starting to write this post makes me cry. Theres just nothing like it. At 8:00 we were a family of FOUR and at 8:06 we were FIVE. Its just so amazing.

Everything feels like a blur. As the doctors were getting ready to take her out they were joking that they hoped i brought toddler size clothing because she was so big. They yelled out its a girl and   instantly I started crying. 

Side story… The Sunday before the birth we met a couple at church only because they sat behind us and our kids were loud and Tim always feels the need to apologize for them. Of course they were like oh no they were great. {Sweet liars} We always go to this diner after church and there was this same couple sitting at the table next to us. So we end up talking to them a little bit about the kids and work. Turned out there were coworkers at a hospital not a couple… Well the night before the csection I have a breakdowm over how scared I am about the spinal. I was thinking up the worst situations like being paralyzed or dying. I was going nuts. The morning of the surgery in walks this guy from church and he’s like hey guys I’m your anthesiologist. The crazy things God does. I felt so much better. He talked to me the whole surgery, letting me know my vitals were all perfect whenever I got nervous. Turns out he wasnt even a member of our church, his friend was and  he just tagged along that Sunday.

In the waiting room everyone was waiting to hear boy or girl.​

The kids were a little less than thrilled, theyre not exactly morning people.

Later that day Tim brought Timmy and Grace to meet Lydia. The. Best. Ever!

I love how Timmy was so concerned about me even more than he was interested in Lydia. And when you hear Grace say hi to Lydia ugh I could just melt. Instantly these kids were brother & sisters like its always been this way.

Then they broke out in song 😍​

I could watch these videos over & over {& i do lol}

Lydia gave them a present for being her big brother & sister.​​ im trying to add the video but it says im out of space. Boo

After this the whole family came up woth cupcakes and presents for Grace. 

This hospital was a little different. There was no nursery. It was good and bad. I pretty much held Lydia the entire time. The first day they had us do skin to skin for like 12 hours. None of the nurses would help at night and Tim slept. It really was a little insane. I didnt sleep at all. The nurses were coming in every 2 hours to check Lydia’s blood sugar so that didnt help. I went home a day early bc it made more sense to have my moms help at home than the zero help in the hospital. If I ever have another baby I hate to say it but Tim is getting the boot. Obviously you want the Dad there but mmm they aren’t all that helpful. Memaw will be taking that position. You really need someone who knows what theyre doing. I need him to change Lydias diaper and he was looking at me like i asked him to solve calculus.