Sweet Memories

Timmy told me I’m a great listener today.

We had a long day at the water park, the next morning Timmy could not get out of bed he was exhausted. He told me his feet were still snoring.

Gracie’s looks into my belly with pretend binoculars and says I have the cutest baby she’s ever seen.

Timmy is teaching my dad how to drink from a coffee cup. Says you gotta put your pinky out then takes a sip spills it everywhere and says oops maybe you don’t put your pinky out.

A very sweet memory…. We are currently a diaper free house!! 🎉🎉 That is until July when the new baby gets here. Grace is on day 4 of no night time diaper and so far so good. She learned way faster than Timmy but I think that’s my fault. I’m braver this time around. 

Grace is into spinning in circles. A lot. Has my heart pounding. Today she’s like oh mom the whole house is moving we need to tell Daddy.

Bathtime is so calm now that the kids bathe separately. It was time. I was spending more time frantic over body parts touching that it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. They of course were clueless  and thought I was crazy. When they were together it was nuts. Guaranteed flood every night. But now it’s quiet songs being sung and toys being talked to. Tonight Grace told her foam letters that if they all flapped their wings fast they would grow bigger. Lol. 

We are experiencing our first round of stomach flu. It’s terrible. Poor Timmy can not understand why he can’t leave the house. I told him we don’t want to give it to our friend and he says but mom I don’t want to keep it either. Hmmm good point lol.

Baby Update 20 weeks

Praise Jesus! Today we had our 20 week appointment and the echogenic bowel is gone. All the blood tests came back normal and the ultrasound today showed a perfect baby! 

I’m starting to feel regular kicks but not a lot. Mostly at night or when I’m wearing a seat belt. The doctor says the baby is breach and is sitting on its feet. They still haven’t been able to count toes because they are always hidden under the booty.

I’m really feeling great. If I wasn’t fat I wouldn’t know I’m pregnant. This morning I’m up 10 pounds and it shows lol. This morning my husband said your starting to look less fat and more pregnant.. I think that was suppose to be a compliment and I’ll take it. 

The kids are so in love. Gracie sings to the baby and hugs my belly. Tells me she loves my baby. Timmy is always patting my belly. Last month he wanted the name pumpkin, this month it’s George. Grace says that in my belly there’s a tiny table with a tiny chair and food. 

Daddy felt the baby kick for the first time tonight! {3/28/16 – 21 weeks 3 days}

Aunt Jessica took some maternity pictures for us on Easter. 

Now that I know everything is fine I gotta focus on sleep. Four more months until survival mode hits.