Sweet Memories

Timmy’s new obsession is snakes. We have about 29 snake books from the library sitting on our school table. Everyday he asks to get a snake. It’s a hard no from Daddy. I’m like whatever, it’s already a zoo what’s one more. But I’m not gonna fight Tim on this one because I definitely can’t feed mice to a snake. Anyways Timmy just walked into our room at 9:30 pm and hands us a picture he drew of the snake he wants. Then he asked if he could read to us a snake book. He’s so sweet I’d buy him 10 snakes.

Tehran someone gets hurt Lydia runs to them and pats them and says awww it’s ok. She so caring. Sometimes alittle too loving. She’s often found choking Timmy with hugs. But he’s actually choking.

Lydia’s new word is beegal. That’s bagel. She’s talking so much. She’s starting sentences now. Today she said “ooo Daddy can I have that!” Clear as day.

Me and Grace had a Girls night. Her one request was to go to Walgreens for nail polish and makeup. I got quite the spooky manicure.

We watched lots a Fancy Nancy, baked brownies and decorated the front of the house to scare Timmy and Daddy. Timmy thanked me a million times. He was so happy.

We redecorated Gracie & Lydia’s room to be their own little house. They love it!

Timmy and Daddy were out camping. Daddy thought was clever telling Timmy that if he hit the bullseye with the BB gun he would buy him one. & now we have a BB gun.

& this from Timmy’s teacher 💗