Sweet Memories

I tell Grace that all her candy is gone and she says well Mommy candy does not walk so who ate it you or Daddy? There’s no fooling her.

Timmy always wants to hold Lydia by himself. Hes such a sweet brother. Always kissing her and his favorite thing is to burp her. He thinks its so cool.

Timmy is spelling!!!! It is anazing. Just happened overnight it feels like. Came to me and said this is how you spell RAT and starts sounding it out and boom hes a speller. Its all he wants to do now.

Grace is so funny. Theres just no arguing with her about who is smarter. She is and thats the end of the story. We know spell Grace like this BTG. She puts it on everything. If you spell her name correctly she cries.

Everytime Lydia cries, Timmy says, “Mom what is she trying to say I know you speak baby.”

Visiting Great Grandma. They are so sweet with her. 

Police Station Field Trip

We belong to the most amazing homeschool group. Every week is another awesome field trip. Almost all are free or close to it. 

This week was the police station and Timmy was so excited. We made thank you cards to hand out.

They showed the kids a movie About becoming a police officer and then took them thru the station and play inside a cop car.

Halloween Festivities 2016

My kids have been worn many costumes this Halloween mostly because well its 3 days before Halloween and their real costumes are still not finished. So every party they go to I let them choose from the dress up trunk.

Our friend Jen had the cutest Halloween party for the kids with so much themed food, a pinata and my favorite Poison drinks for the parents. Cheers!

Then we celebrated with our church play group. We did a pumpkin prayer carving, a batty for Jesus picture frame, creepy mystery boxes and yummy spider snacks. Timmy even made a homemade pinata.

Then we went and visited the nursing home and gave the residents a halloween parade and handed out pumpkins.

On Friday we had a halloween pajama party with Max abd Brynn. The kids had the best time. Of course we had some themed activities because we can’t help ourselves but these kids would be just as happy if we left them to play outside all day. They were black from head to toe when they came in the house. 

Us moms enjoyed some vino and some pumpkin bacon pasta. 

The kids had spider pb&js, they played pin the eye on the monster and they enjoyed some yummy candied popcorn with their spooky movie.

The day Timmy grew up

Well my baby boy decided that he wanted hair like Daddy. This means no more long curls. The sadness is real. I think because we try to twin Lydia and Grave that he’s looking to be a twin woth Daddy. 

He was always afraid of the buzzing of the razor so I thought for sure I had more time. But no he told me he was going to be brave.

Its like a whole new kid plus 2 years. He’s really starting to look like a little man. 

Lydia is 12 weeks

I can not take it. Life is so busy and all I want to do is snuggle my baby. Lydia is so precious. She hardly cries. She is truly a joy. She’s all smiles all the time and she has started babbling.

At her 2 month check-up Lydia weighed 13 pounds 7.5 ounces and is 24.5 inches. Shes in size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing. A little chunker this girl. I just love all her rolls.

She got 3 shots and she was not happy about it at all. But boy was she still so cute.

Shes so ticklish. First we discovered her feet were ticklish now her back too. She loves her swing and takes a 3 hour morning nap in it. We just introduced her to her playmat amd she loves the lambs on her bouncer. This week (10/23/2016) she was able to touch the lambs with her feet and hands. And she was quite impressed with herself. 

Mommy had a major meltdown over an infection on her neck. Ome of the downfalls to all these adorable rolls is that they can get infected. It was awful. The dr prescribe a cream that just wasnt working. Then we tried cornstarch which helped but then we did desitin & cornstarch together and that did the trick. 

We just love her so much. So long as Mommy diesnt eat tomatoes this is surely the happiest baby ever.

Lydia is 7 weeks

Oh man is time getting away from me. I take so many pictures that I’ve already had to clear my phone twice of photos since Lydia has been born.

It has been a busy 7 weeks. Lydia is by far my easiest baby. She is super snuggly and sleeps so nice at night cuddled right up to mommy. She even spends a few hours a night either in her crib or rock & play. 

I think my biggest struggle so far is getting everyone ready for bed. Those three baths really throw me off. Especially now that Timmy and Grace take seperate baths and both of them want to stay in the water forever. I’m finally back to cooking and cleaning and we’ve started school back up.

Since her birth this house has been sick twice. Lydia actually was in the ER at 11 days old bc she had a cold but the Dr thought it might have been RSV. Was so frightening. Then we got the stomach flu & we got it real bad. Puking for dayss. Thank the Lord Lydia did not get it. Those were very dark days if I’m being honest. Seeing my babies so sick and really not being able to snuggle them or care for them broke my heart. Tim had to take care of them while I put Lydia on lockdown in my bedroom. I was so terrified of her getting it that me and her were kept in my room by ourselves for almost a week. I didnt think I was gonna make it but I did. Lol I’m not even kidding tho. It was really disasterous. 

What Lydia has been up to…

Lydia smiled for the very first time onSeptember  9th. She hates her feet tickled. Loves car rides at fast speeds. Really does not like red lights or stop signs. Shes almost outgrown size 1 diapers. Shes wearing 3 month clothing but tonight i put a 6 month pajama on her and it fits nice. Shes 12 pounds! So clearly she loves her milk. Shes trying so hard to talk to us but nothing comes out. If she cant have mama she’ll take Aunt Jessica. Totally knows Timmy & Grace are her buddies. 

Here’s some of this month in pictures..