Sweet Memories

I tell Grace that all her candy is gone and she says well Mommy candy does not walk so who ate it you or Daddy? There’s no fooling her.

Timmy always wants to hold Lydia by himself. Hes such a sweet brother. Always kissing her and his favorite thing is to burp her. He thinks its so cool.

Timmy is spelling!!!! It is anazing. Just happened overnight it feels like. Came to me and said this is how you spell RAT and starts sounding it out and boom hes a speller. Its all he wants to do now.

Grace is so funny. Theres just no arguing with her about who is smarter. She is and thats the end of the story. We know spell Grace like this BTG. She puts it on everything. If you spell her name correctly she cries.

Everytime Lydia cries, Timmy says, “Mom what is she trying to say I know you speak baby.”

Visiting Great Grandma. They are so sweet with her. 

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