Bathroom Chatter

Timmy was in the bathroom saying mmmmyummy 😳 so I ran to see what in the bathroom could be so appetizing. There he was picking dried up toothpaste out of the sink and sticking in his mouth.

Not my finest mom moment. I added the bathroom to my to do list so now it’s squeaky clean and free of any “snacks.”

In other bathroom news Gracie is peeing on the potty every time Timmy does. I’m still too lazy to start potty training although it seems like she’s doing it herself. Timmy says his poop looks like snakes and hisses at the toilet. We spend so much time in the bathroom I’m thinking I need a chair in there. Timmy is obsessed with “peeing like a daddy” which just means peeling standing up. It’s really cute when he says it.

Homeschool: The Letter C and Colors

This week was a lot of fun. I wanted to focus on Colors because Timmy is having trouble with Red and Yellow.

I made some colored rice and it was a major hit {and a major mess}. Surprisingly there’s still some left in the container. This kept my kids quiet for a long time. We had a bunch of white rice because one of our dogs had a stomach bug. So with the uncooked leftovers I divided it into 4 ziplock bags, added white vinegar and food coloring, then spread it out to dry on a cutting board. Was dry in 30 minutes. It was too easy.





For our field trip we went to the zoo. I had Timmy tell me the colors of each animal and count how many were in each enclosure. Something I didn’t know this zoo had was a huge indoor sand box set up for fossil digging. That was fun and we also practiced some C’s in the sand. The highlight of the trip for the kids was the snakes and the meer cats.






We practiced C’s on our whiteboard and Timmy did an awesome job!


We separated fruit loops by color. Gracie ate them as we went.


Next we did some bread painting. This was really fun for the kids. It’s just milk and food coloring painted onto bread and then we toasted it with some peanut butter and ate up. Timmy is already asking to do it again.






The book that we read every day was Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. I love reading one book for the whole week because by the end if the week Timmy can read the whole book to us for bedtime. We read some other color books we had in the house too.


We separated colored Pom poms into their colored cups. Timmy used tweezers and Gracie did her own thing.






This wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I spread koolaid powder in card stock and had Timmy use a water gun to make a picture. The problem was that purple koolaid looks more black than purple so it just looked like dirty water. Timmy loved the water gun though.



I think the most successful learning of the week happened on the twister mat. We sorted the colored Legos onto their matching colored circles and after we played Timmy’s version of the game which is jumping from color to color.



Thousands of robins show up in our yard the same time every year. I think we are one of their stops on their winter flight south. They eat all the pink berries and are on their way a few hours later. Timmy was fascinated by them. While Grace napped we laid on the driveway and bird watched.



This week we also added some new pets to the Dube household. My brother bought us an Ant Farm. I think we’ve all been amazed by their hard work.


Sweet Memories

Timmy rubbed Aunt Sam’s not so smooth legs and said ooo they bite! 😂

Gracie yelled I Love You to me this morning. 😍

When Grace was getting her shots, Timmy got up on the table and rubbed her head the whole time saying, “it’s ok Gracie.” 😍

We were singing in the car and Timmy stopped and said look mommy my feet are singing. They were swaying back and forth 😂

And on a gross note.. Timmy was going potty and says it looks like pirates. 😝

Homeschool: The Snowy Day and Letter S

For second semester I’m testing out incorporating the Before Five in a Row curriculum. I bought it planning to use it for Grace in September but she wants to be apart of school time and I really like the idea of focusing on one book a week.

Every morning we read our bible story. This week was about Joseph and we are going to keep talking about him next week for our colors theme. Then we did our calendar. We usually only sing the days of the week but Timmy has that one down so I added a months song and they both loved it. Gracie thinks she is playing a big part pointing to the months as we sing. Timmy can recite them all except he totally skips November and December and pronounces May like Nate. But for the first week of learning it I was pretty impressed. I’m noticing his favorite way of learning is through song. For weather since Snow is part of our theme we talked about what kind of clothes you would wear on a cold day versus a hot day. Then we played cold day dress up with jackets and gloves.


I tried to talk about different seasons but I think I lost him with that. I had them each take turns doing the calendar. I’ve really seen a big positive change in sharing this past week.

For music this week we focused on the song Rejoice in The Lord. We brought out the instruments and really played our hearts out. Timmy is really good with rhythm. His favorite instrument this week was the triangle and Grace is all about the drums. Timmy picked this song right up and I love hearing him sing his Jesus music throughout the day when he’s playing 😍.

Every day we read The Snowy Day and then followed it with a themed activity.

The illustrator uses water colors and tissue paper like art in the pictures so I gave the kids tissue paper squares and paint. They were both amazed at how a little bit of water spreads fast on tissue paper. I painted S’s and then they put tissue paper over it and watched the S bleed through. Timmy thought it was magic.



My sister bought the kids fake snow and it’s totally awesome. It’s cold and doesn’t stick to your hands. I let the kids help measure out the water and powder. We made handprints in the snow, we practiced making S’s and used Legos to make houses and I showed them how a plow works. Doing it in the house probably not my best idea but they really loved this.








Our field trip wasn’t much of a field trip we just went to Storytime at the library. I was really happy about Timmy’s behavior while we were out. I’m hoping it’s a sign we are out of that phase.

Bonus we found a frog in our bird bath. They were both happy just staring at him.


Timmy made us all lunch one day. He watched me to make sure I took a bite. It was hard because I watched him make them straight on the counter while licking his fingers 😝 but I did it. No way I was breaking his heart.




On Friday night we broke out the telescope and did some star gazing.




Grace is a Toddler

You know that crazy mom jumping up and down and making crazy sounds attempting to get her kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time? I used to be her.. Jusssst kidding I’m still her 😂

I need some new go to sounds because these kids are not responding to pleas to get a good picture.

This is the best I got today.



Me and a Grace had a heart to heart about bow wearing. She definitely heard me out because that bow stayed in all day.

Today was eye opening for me. It was the first time Grace didn’t sit in my lap at Storytime, she didn’t want to sit with me at the mall play area and she didn’t cry when I dropped her off at the gym kids club.

Today Grace grew up.

Everytime I go to the library Storytime I beg her to go play with the other kids and at the gym I pray she doesn’t cry for me.. Well now that’s it’s actually happening I’m like hold up wait a minute! Where is my baby girl? She is officially a toddler. I love watching her act like one of the big kids and I smile but I’m a little bit sad.

Well Check ups

Soooo I’m a little behind on my kids well check ups. Grace will be 18 months in 2 weeks but this was technically her 15 month checkup and Timmy was 3 in December but hmm here we are.

Timmy weighed 38 pound and he’s 40 inches. That’s 2 inches in one month! He’s been totally obsessed with growing bigger, eating me out of house and home and asking me to measure him everyday. Well it worked! All I hear in my mind is MORE Disney rides!!!

He’s on track with everything else. He talked so much to Every. Single. Person. The doctor asked me if he was in daycare because his language and social skills were so good.

Now poor Grace. Feeling a little subpar in the mommy department with Gracie’s report. She’s only 20 pounds 13 ounces which is third percentile. The dr isn’t too concerned but they are gonna watch it. She’s 33 1/2 inches tall and in the 90th percentile! She’s on her 3rd week of an ear infection and 4th round of antibiotics. Seems like nothing is helping her get better. Then the worst part is she’s anemic. So we are really focusing on her diet and she’s on an iron supplement. She really eats good but in the tiniest amounts. I don’t know how to increase her appetite other than to quit breastfeeding but I don’t think Grace will go for it. Once this ear infection clears up I think it’s time for weaning but I’ve said that a couple thousand times…

Anyways on the positive Grace shows zero signs of developmental issues and she’s a talking machine. When the doctor was leaving the room Grace waved and said byebye Doctor without any prompt from me. Her voice is the sweetest. My favorite word out of her mouth lately is thankyou.

Strawberry Picking

While the rest of the world is freezing their booties off, we are over here picking strawberries in 70 degree weather. Pretty crazy.

By 4:30am Timmy was already up asking if it was time to go to Aunt Jessicas. He’s a little bit in love with her. As soon as we get to her house even Gracie starts yelling “Jessica’s house” and she’s not even facing forward to see it but she just knows by the loud squeals coming from her brother.

Our kids play so nice together. Feels so old school just letting the cousins run wild in the yard while we chit chat. I crave that time with her and I can’t wait for my other sisters to start popping out some more cousins 😁.

Seeing the farm made me want to run home and start working on my own garden. Tomatoes and strawberries galore. Timmy loved it but grace stayed in the Ergo because sister was wearing a white dress and it was really muddy soooo yea.





Then we got some much needed grandma and Aunt Sam time 😍.

Cake & Coffee for Breakfast

Well sorta.. We had a festive pretend birthday party for Timmy of course. That boy loves to hear the birthday song sang to him. Listening to Grace sing melts my heart. She has the sweetest little voice. Pretend play here has gotten pretty serious lately & I’m loving every minute of it!





What cracked me up was when Grace went to get us all some coffee. Girl knows the way to mamas heart.



Cheers Mama!