Bathroom Chatter

Timmy was in the bathroom saying mmmmyummy 😳 so I ran to see what in the bathroom could be so appetizing. There he was picking dried up toothpaste out of the sink and sticking in his mouth.

Not my finest mom moment. I added the bathroom to my to do list so now it’s squeaky clean and free of any “snacks.”

In other bathroom news Gracie is peeing on the potty every time Timmy does. I’m still too lazy to start potty training although it seems like she’s doing it herself. Timmy says his poop looks like snakes and hisses at the toilet. We spend so much time in the bathroom I’m thinking I need a chair in there. Timmy is obsessed with “peeing like a daddy” which just means peeling standing up. It’s really cute when he says it.

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