Sweet Memories

Blues Clues is the newest and greatest thing in our house. For some reason I love it too. I’m obsessed with how he draws lol. Last night I bought them both their own handy dandy notebooks. They were so excited. We found them in our bed hard at work. 

 They even put their crayons in the spiral just like Steve/Joe. Timmy drew me quite the self portrait. And Grace of course drew a picture of the baby in my belly. 


I told Timmy I was tired so he made me a candy cane to help me walk. 

Tim went to a men’s retreat for the weekend and Timmy wanted to throw him a party when he got home. It was so adorable. He put out cookies at each of our seats. He picked flowers {weeds} and put them in the middle of the table. Then he gave each of us a brown paper bag to put our left over cookies in for later. Then he had us play a board game. It was so cute.

Timmy is into texting. He wants to send everyone a message. He thinks the laptop texts so he wrote all these letters and then presses backspace and because the letters disappear he thinks it’s the send button 😂

I blew up the kiddie pool today and it’s a decent size so I made a whirlpool. My kids thought it was the most amazing thing. Grace said it was like a rollercoaster.

So at church today Timmy goes running up to the front for the children’s ministry. And you hear Excuse me! Excuse me! 🙈 Umm it’s my sisters turn to hold the bible you never give her a turn. It was the sweetest thing and everrrryone could hear. 

This morning Timmy opened the bible and says, “By Eric Carle” 😂

Gave Timmy his first blow pop today. He is literally blowing on the lollypop upset that it’s not working. Lol

Grace has turned the entire playroom into a nursery. There are 5 cribs {boxes} set up with blankets and babies. She’s so very busy talking to herself.

Timmy says he loves Daddy the bestest because he is the best coach. 😍 


I love these portraits by Grace 

Mommy this is a sun bc Suns have lots of legs. Lol 

Timmy says mom are you thinking what I’m thinking??? Ummmm what are you think Timmy? That I’m FIVE! Not four.

Grace says if she puts her feet on her toes {tippy toes} she can be 5 too.

I was complaining my back hurt and Grace says stand up mom and I’ll hug your back. Does that make you feel better. So sweet.