My Basketball Star

Timmy lovessss basketball! & he’s really very good. He practices all the time thanks to memes & Tom buying him his own hoop. He’ll get up to 9 shots in a row.

Today he got medal for most enthusiastic. That’s for sure! Every week one player gets a medal for exceptional demonstration of a sportsmanship quality. He was so proud and I know it because he says as we are walking out, “Mom I’m just so proud of myself can you believe I got this medal?” He’s so awesome.

I got video of one of his shots too.​

Mommy Son Dance

I was sooo excited for this! & so was Timmy. All day he was counting down until we could leave. I am so blessed to be his mama. He really is the sweetest thing. He has the biggest heart and his laugh just lights up the room.

I love any time that I can pour into just one child. Really give them all my love and make them feel so special. In the middle of dancing he stops and says mommy I love spending time with you. It doesn’t get better than this.

The boys had the best time. Little dancing fools. Especially once the sugar kicked in. I love my city. They really went all out. Baby blue cupcakes, candy bar, & juice for the boys. Chicken wings & veggies for the moms. 

Did I say I love my City!! They posted these pictures this morning.

On our way home I said Timmy I love spending this time with you & he saysss, “Me too mom but I really miss Grace.”

I’m so lucky to be the mom of these sweet children.

Lydia is 9 months!

& poof! 9 months has passed. 

This little butterball is weighing in at 20 pounds. She is suddenly a lover of all food. Like you can’t eat in front of her and expect not to share.

She is all over the place. Crawling, standing & cruising the couches.

She’s just the happiest little thing. Six teeth and I would not have know by all the happy days we have. 

I’ve been spoiling her lately & letting her nap in my arms. But I already know those snuggles don’t last forever so the house will have to wait until she is grown.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Our very first chapter book complete! This is very exciting for me. I love to read and I’m really look forward to re-reading all the classics with my children.

I tried this last year with Charlottes Web but they weren’t ready yet. This time around it was so fun. Every night we snuggled up in my bed and read as a family. I also bought the book of kids questions and we filled that out each night too.

And coincidently that night we read our last chapter, the movie was playing on TV the very next day. We ate shrimp for dinner just like the Penguins. Our shrimp was fried tho 🙈. And the kids ate their ice cream and we all watched the movie. It. Was. Terrible. They liked it but I could not keep interested. The Penguins didn’t even have the same names. Like what?!

Anyways these lucky kids got to then go to Sea World a few days later to see real Penguins. Its a miracle this all worked out & the weather was perfect.The penguin exhibit is the cutest. And Daddy bought them little penguin babies from the gift shop. For the rest of the trip I had to keep these “Penguins” cold by holding them with our frozen water bottles. The pretend play is serious over here.

I woke up to this this morning.

It’s so awesome to see them playing out parts of the book. I’m excited for our next adventure!

Sweet Memories

Today there was a dead bird in the road. Timmy got so angry and says you know what I bet I know who did this and don’t worry mom I will be having a word with them.

Timmy doesn’t like our frig because the ice maker is too noisy. Says it’s gonna wake up Grace. He just told me to try calling 772-frig-makers and get it fixed.

So I turned my backyard into a water park on a budget… these kids were singing my praises. I actually got this, “Mom thanks for buying this pool we really appreciate it!” Just 12 bucks for all this magical fun!

Added some shampoo and pool turned bath just like that.

Day 2. More dirt. Pool falling apart. Kids could care less.​

Dube Waterpark 2.0 is Swings + Sprinkler! Apparently the tiny friends are baaacccckkkk. Grace says her tiny friends are on her head taking a tour and her hair is their buckle and Timmy’s tiny friends are trying to turn the water off but they’re too small 😳


It’s SUMMER! Not actually but according to Florida conditions it’s been summer for at least a week now. Its May 1st so from here on out it water activities only or you won’t survive.

The kids don’t mind at all. Total beach babes.

I found this perfect little mini beach. Almost zero waves and the shortest walk from car to sand. The beach is hard for me with 3 kids especially since my husband isn’t big on going so that means this mama is going solo or not at all. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation even if it’s a little crazy with 2 kids and a baby. 

But seriously Lydia is the coolest baby. She hung out in her beach tent, she played in the sand and the water, she nursed and napped. She’s just a happy camper. I took a million pictures. Surprise. Surprise.

& I just love these pictures of my baby sister hanging out with my babies. She’s such a big help.

Proof of all the fun had.

It was a fun filled weekend for sure. On Saturday my friend Dawn basically had a tiny water par in her yard just for our kids. She had a big kid pool, a baby pool, a bounce house, slip & slide, water balloons & water guns. They all had the best time. 

& boy did this bring me back. Squeeze its! This has 90’s kid written all over it 😂

Aunt Dawn never disappoints. That mama pulls out all the stops. I mean it’s madness but it’s a nice treat for my kids. She has an outdoor frig stocked with ice pops, ice cream, juice & wine for the mama’s. Her supply is endless & my kids were loving it. Pretty sure they had 3 different kinds of popsicles and I just decided to call it dinner. Just look at Gracie’s face in that picture lol obviously reached her sugar max.

So now we will celebrate summer until November, where we pretend its winter but it’s really 86 on Christmas. I think we are going to travel to snow this winter and show these poor kids what it’s all about.