Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Our very first chapter book complete! This is very exciting for me. I love to read and I’m really look forward to re-reading all the classics with my children.

I tried this last year with Charlottes Web but they weren’t ready yet. This time around it was so fun. Every night we snuggled up in my bed and read as a family. I also bought the book of kids questions and we filled that out each night too.

And coincidently that night we read our last chapter, the movie was playing on TV the very next day. We ate shrimp for dinner just like the Penguins. Our shrimp was fried tho 🙈. And the kids ate their ice cream and we all watched the movie. It. Was. Terrible. They liked it but I could not keep interested. The Penguins didn’t even have the same names. Like what?!

Anyways these lucky kids got to then go to Sea World a few days later to see real Penguins. Its a miracle this all worked out & the weather was perfect.The penguin exhibit is the cutest. And Daddy bought them little penguin babies from the gift shop. For the rest of the trip I had to keep these “Penguins” cold by holding them with our frozen water bottles. The pretend play is serious over here.

I woke up to this this morning.

It’s so awesome to see them playing out parts of the book. I’m excited for our next adventure!

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