Grace’s Birthday Round 2

This party actually happened first but I’ve been too busy to post it. I don’t want to forget about it tho because it was just as fun.

No one on Tim’s side of the family could make it to Gracie’s real party so the crazy that I am said that’s ok let’s have 2 parties! So the week before the tutu party we have a backyard BBQ with all the Dube cousins.

Nothing makes me happier than to see my kids playing with their cousins, I could do it all day. It reminds me of my own childhood. They really had an awesome time together. I’ve said it before but seriously I wish these get togethers happened more often.











Gracie’s TuTu Cute 1st Birthday Party


I was so excited to plan a girl themed birthday party so I went with pink tutus because nothing is more girly.

I think I bought all the tulle I could find at hobby lobby and made a wreath, cake stand and high chair decoration. I even wrapped the silverware in tulle.





I made her a name banner with doilies and rhinestone letters. I had a canvas made from the smash cake photo shoot and made pink play dough as a party favor. I put it in Masson jars and tied tulle with cord on the lid. For the girl guests I also tied a princess wand that I found at the target dollar spot. I think it came out pretty cute. Also for a dollar at Hobby lobby were these huge pin wheels in pink so I put those out front.




For food I did a pasta bar with 3 different types of noodles and 3 different sauces. I made some homemade breads and bought Caesar salad kits. It was so easy. Desserts were strawberry cookies, strawberry cupcakes, cheesecake and Gracie had her own little cake. I made it myself using different sized Pyrex and corningware dishes. I thought it was so cute. Clearly it was not professionally made but definitely made with love.







I had the kids paint canvases with the first letter of their name on it in tape. It was a crazy mess but we had a bag of wipes handy.



Here some favorite photos of the fun:













She was all about her presents. She kept just hanging around them like she knew they were for her.




I love this picture of her waiting for her friends to arrive. It really was a perfect day.


Gracie’s ONE!

Well she’s been one for a month now and I feel like I haven’t been too excited to write about it. It seems like overnight she has gone from baby to toddler, running around with Timmy like as if she doesn’t know there’s an age difference between them. If Timmy is doing it you can bet Grace will be right behind him doing the same thing. If she hears Timmy playing, off she goes. Mommy has become second choice. So has eating or nursing. Nothing beats playing with her brother even if it means she’s getting pushed around or something’s being thrown at her head.

At her one year check up she weighed 18 pounds 13 ounces and was 29 3/4 inches. She’s in the 30th percentile for both which is quite a bit smaller than Timmy who was at 95% for both at that age.

She has 8 teeth. Loves all food. I think her favorite is blueberry yogurt. She went from walking to running within two weeks. She loves anything music related {singing, dancing, instruments} especially ring around the Rosie.

She’s napping in her crib about 2 hours everyday at 11 and in bed for the night at 8:00. She’s still waking up once a night to nurse. I’m still nursing, and not because I’m trying to reach some weird breastfeeding goal but just because it still feels normal for us. At one Timmy self weaned instantly so this is new for me but I’m just going with the flow. She nurses morning, before nap, before bed and around midnight.

She loves my Dad which is surprising because I would have never thought that would be her favorite person. Literally she is glued to him so he nick-named her “Velcro” Anything she does makes him laugh. I’m pretty sure she’s the favorite which is OK because I think Timmy is my moms favorite.


She started taking an interest in baby dolls and it’s so sweet to see her dragging them around the house and giving kisses. She gives the sweetest kisses and she gives then to everyone. She’s really sweet and such a snuggler.

Her first birthday photo shoot came out amazing. Here are our favorites:











So much sweetness

Today has been crazy busy as I attempt Gracie’s birthday bash for the second time. But my kids have been extra cute today so I couldn’t help but snap some photos in between baking breads and cupcakes.

Early this morning I caught Timmy pouring Grace a spot of tea. It was adorable. I pulled out the video camera for that one.

Timmy pretending to fish in the hamper.


Timmy’s new writing style.


Both kids have been “helping” me in the kitchen. We’ve had several breakdowns over not being able to eat anything today and arguments over whether it’s Timmy’s birthday or Gracie’s.



Timmy the Fashionista

I either have to hide this suit or buy a bunch more because this is what Timmy wants to wear every day, his “Daddy clothes.” Does not matter what he’s doing these clothes are great for any occasion, even catching bugs. He switches it up sometimes but his dress shoes are always a must and pants are optional.











Ring Around the Rosie

I taught Grace how to do Ring Around the Rosie and she is obsessed. I am so surprised that she can hold hands and walk in a circle and she wanted to do it over and over again. And it’s even more fun doing it in their baby pool.

So I was in total heaven when a Timmy joined in the circle and was singing the words. Simple but so very special to me. The laughs when they would splash down in the water for the “we all fall down” part was priceless.

P-Pa is Sleeping

I wrote about my grandfather a couple of weeks ago with the mindset that he was getting better. Sadly that just was not Gods plan. He went to be with The Lord on July 25th and we laid him to rest July 30th.

So much has happened and not happened. We had to cancel Gracie’s 1st birthday party obviously. But I had already made enough food to feed 30 people so I packed up all the food and drove it down south to feed my very sad family. We rescheduled her party for August 16th but we scaled it back also.

The funeral was beautiful if a funeral can be described that way. My grandfather had a full military service. There were flowers galore and delicious food in between the wakes and after the funeral my grandmother invited anyone who wanted to join us at an italian restaurant. Over 50 people showed to the restaurant. People came from all over the US to pay respects. Tim made an awesome video of his life in pictures. Me and my sisters made peanut butter cookies for anyone who came to take home. They were grandpas favorite cookie.

Timmy kept telling everyone that P-pa was sleeping and kept shhhing everyone. It was the sweetest when out of no where he went and sat on my grandmothers lap and touched her face and told her P-pa was sleeping.

Timmy even put a hot wheels car in the casket.

I wrote and read my entire eulogy. I practiced at least 100 times trying to get through it without crying. I really didn’t think I could do it. Afterward I drove home in such a daze wondering if I did a good enough job. There were just so many great things to say about him and I wasn’t sure if I got my point across.

It’s very weird when someone dies. I don’t feel like he’s gone. I can still hear him talking. My faith in God is so strong that I truly feel happy for him that he can now rest and be where there is only happiness. A dear friend said to me on the day he died that Heaven is so wonderful and beautiful that it is said if they had the choice they would not come back here. I believe that with all my heart.

My poor grandmother. She looks great, better than ever really. But her eyes are empty. I’m going to be bringing the kids to visit her often to try to lift her spirits. What a gift for them to spend time with there great grandmother.

Grandpas Eulogy

For those who don’t know me, my name is Laura or Beanie was what my Grandpa called me. My mother June asked me to say a few words.

My grandfather was a very special man and I don’t just say that because he was my own. He was an old school gentleman with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. He was the kind of man you could always depend on. 

My earliest memories of him are at the bright blue house in West Babylon with the whole family getting together for dinners eating in the garage, with all of us cousins running circles around the house. Grandpa was an expert gardener and took a lot of pride in his landscaping. I can still hear him grumbling, “these damn kids” as he tried to salvage the flower beds that me and my cousins had just jumped into. He never lost the love for flowers and was always bringing Jessica his newest favorite plant.

No one will forget that hideous orange brownish van he drove around in, with us kids rolling around in the back, no seatbelts or even SEATS for that matter and Charlie by our side. That dog went everywhere with him. Grandpa was a closet dog lover. If you asked him if he liked dogs he would cringe and say NO! But then there he was, snuggled up on the couch with Uncle Steven’s dog and we have the pictures to prove it.

Everyone knows Grandpa was famous for his popcorn balls. Every Christmas with the tables covered in wax paper and loads and loads of popcorn and syrup. We did them all the way up until 3 years ago. Turns out even though we were all grown up, Grandpa was still the only one strong enough to make popcorn balls that didn’t just fall apart. So we made a huge mess and ended up just watching Grandpa do all the work.

He was so talented with wood. I remember watching him in his basement workshop in awe of his masterpieces. He would work and I would build sandcastles with all the saw dust. And now my daughter reads her little books in the rocking chair he built for my brother.

Last time he was at my house he brought Timmy his first set of hot wheels cars and now Timmy is obsessed and even sleeps with them.

Of all the memories we have, I think we can all agree that the summers spent at the Lake House were our favorite and we have Grandpa to thank for that. To think that he built that house with his own two hands is amazing and something that is totally unheard of these days. I think most of us in this room learned to fish on that dock with Grandpa hooking our worms and unhooking all the sunfish we caught. He oncetold me that when he bought that piece of land,he was terrified to come home and tell Grandma about it.

And that brings me to the greatest thing about Grandpa. The love he had for Grandma was something out of a fairytale. They are married 61 years and are the perfect example of what marriage is supposed to look like. When I was visiting Grandma in rehab a few weeks ago I got to see it first-hand. In walked grandpa with hisvery happy boyish smile, his trucker hat half way pushed down like he always had it and of course his huge cup of ice. He sat down next to grandma, got real close to her, gently grabbed her hand, kissed it and said, “How are you feeling today dear?” She smiled and said, “I missed you.” It was like they were in their own little bubble of love. And with them it was always that way.


For at the end of the wake:

Every Christmas we make peanut butter blossom cookies. Well Grandpa hated chocolate but loved peanut butter cookies so we always made a few plain ones just for him. We made some of those for all of you here so please take some on your way out.