P-Pa is Sleeping

I wrote about my grandfather a couple of weeks ago with the mindset that he was getting better. Sadly that just was not Gods plan. He went to be with The Lord on July 25th and we laid him to rest July 30th.

So much has happened and not happened. We had to cancel Gracie’s 1st birthday party obviously. But I had already made enough food to feed 30 people so I packed up all the food and drove it down south to feed my very sad family. We rescheduled her party for August 16th but we scaled it back also.

The funeral was beautiful if a funeral can be described that way. My grandfather had a full military service. There were flowers galore and delicious food in between the wakes and after the funeral my grandmother invited anyone who wanted to join us at an italian restaurant. Over 50 people showed to the restaurant. People came from all over the US to pay respects. Tim made an awesome video of his life in pictures. Me and my sisters made peanut butter cookies for anyone who came to take home. They were grandpas favorite cookie.

Timmy kept telling everyone that P-pa was sleeping and kept shhhing everyone. It was the sweetest when out of no where he went and sat on my grandmothers lap and touched her face and told her P-pa was sleeping.

Timmy even put a hot wheels car in the casket.

I wrote and read my entire eulogy. I practiced at least 100 times trying to get through it without crying. I really didn’t think I could do it. Afterward I drove home in such a daze wondering if I did a good enough job. There were just so many great things to say about him and I wasn’t sure if I got my point across.

It’s very weird when someone dies. I don’t feel like he’s gone. I can still hear him talking. My faith in God is so strong that I truly feel happy for him that he can now rest and be where there is only happiness. A dear friend said to me on the day he died that Heaven is so wonderful and beautiful that it is said if they had the choice they would not come back here. I believe that with all my heart.

My poor grandmother. She looks great, better than ever really. But her eyes are empty. I’m going to be bringing the kids to visit her often to try to lift her spirits. What a gift for them to spend time with there great grandmother.

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