Big boy bed

Last night was the official start to sleeping in a big boy bed… And it did not go well. We put a second mattress on the floor in case one of us needed to sleep in there. It started off good but at 1:00 everything fell apart. Tim went to sleep with him because I had to take care of Grace but Timmy continued to scream until 2:30. I think I made things worse when I tried to show him shadows were not scary by doing hand puppets. That made him scream even louder. But on a positive note, nap time was a piece of cake. Went to sleep no problem but not in his bed.


Gracie’s Baptism

It was the most beautiful day. Grace and Max were baptized together. Such a special memory for our families. Me and Jessica planned the whole thing together and split the cost. The church ceremony was gorgeous. Both babies were complete angels, sleeping thru both the mass and the christening. Erica is Gracie’s godmother and her and John bought her a diamond cross, blew me and Tim away. She’s such a lucky girl to have such a generous godmother. Craig is her godfather and we were so happy to see him in a different light. He is really taking this role seriously and it has brought out families closer. He bought Grace a pink sparkly bible and a cross with an angel to watch over her room, it’s just lovely. We had everyone back to our house, all 50 people and it turned out perfect. The weather was breezy and 70. The kids were adorable playing together, reminded me of when I played with my cousins. We catered publix and I don’t think I will go another way for a party. The food was so fresh and delicious for under $300. Jess made an awesome pasta salad and we had a professional cake made that was as beautiful as it was tasty. My friend Dawn is so dear to my heart. She treats me and the kids like family. She bought Grace and Timmy and Max the most beautiful wall art for their rooms that I know they will treasure forever.










Princesses & Dragons

It was Timmy’s first Halloween (really second) but first one walking door to door. It was so cute. Daddy walked him to each house, he couldn’t say trick or treat but he said bye to everyone. The weather was gorgeous. Aunt Toria took Grace to a couple of house trying to get candy for herself but they didn’t buy it. We had a really nice Halloween. I made mummy dogs and Aunt Jessica made fingers out of cookies and almonds. She also made a green goblin drink. When we finally got home I ate most of Timmy’s hard earned candy. Oops.πŸ˜‹