Writing again..

Oh how I wish I had never stopped writing in here. It will be hard to fill in the gaps. Lots of memories lost. Time has just gotten away from me.

I avoided this blog like the plague after I wrote that post about my dad because I didn’t want to see it. Well I just read it for the first time and balled like a baby. just last night we were sitting out back and the boys picked up their clubs and started hitting balls. How I wish my dad was sitting out there with us to see how they all love golf.

But I do want to write again. I think this will be a treasure to my kids one day and to me and Tim when the kids are all grown up.

And so… it’s Sunday afternoon 2021. So much has changed. So much evil has happened in 2 years time in ways I’d never believe, had I not lived it. But today is lovely. I’m sipping coffee with Tim. Football is on and the kids are playing board games. I hate football but for some reason the sound of it comforts me in the fall. I’m not watching at all lol but I can hear it as I read. They’re losing as always. The kids are laughing and then arguing over who is winning their game. Silas is napping. Sauce is on. I really couldn’t paint a better Sunday in my mind. We started the day with church. My Sunday school class was the largest it’s ever been which makes me so happy. Signs that we are returning to normal. It brings me so much joy to teach little kids about God. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m qualified to do such a thing really. After church Tim dropped me home and took all the kids out to breakfast and to run errands. He’s so dreamy.. I rested a bit. Called my sisters and put on my apron to start cooking and cleaning. The book I’m readings says it’s important to wear your uniform and apparently that uniform is a dress and an apron. So I’m playing the part and I have to say it did put me in a good mood.

My mother-in-law made this for me years ago.

Yesterday was so amazing too. I really could pinch myself because life seems so perfect. I got up early and read a book on my porch swing. Uncle Matt built this swing for me and it’s my favorite thing. When everyone woke up we got dressed for the pumpkin patch. It ended up being the cutest place. I thought it was even better than the one we drove all the way to South Carolina for last year. It was like stepping into a hallmark movie. It had everything a small town fall festival would have in a movie and it wasn’t crowded at all. There were people but not madness. Country music played through the speakers and cool wind blew with a cloudy sky. Perfection for a pretend fall day in Florida. PRETEND has become a specialty of mine and probably most moms living in today’s world. We are experts now. But all that is for another day. Here are the beautiful memories made yesterday.

We came home to the long awaited home movie premier of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We made butterbeer and homemade popcorn. Homemade popcorn always reminds me of my dad.

Then we grilled some London Broil like Mama June always did and we ate outside. The smell of the grill and kids running around just made me feel like my childhood. It was a really great day. I snapped this picture of our eaten dinner because it just felt like such a good memory.