Sweet Memories

Timmy says, “Mom its great having a pet baby.” 😂😂 poor Lydia

When I take one kid out they always want to buy a soecial surprise for the one at home. Its so sweet. Timmy just picked out a penguin ornament for Gracie.

We watched The Santa Clause tonight and Timmy kept giving Tim this weird look so I said Timmy are you ok. And he says I’m thinking mom but its a secret. He whispers in my ear I think Daddy is Santa and he doesn’t know it yet. I bust out. Tim is growing out his beard for the church play and you could say he still has dome baby weight to work off. It was hilarious. All night Timmy was gibing him the side eye.

Grace is really into independent play lately. It is so sweet listening to her talk for her barbies or her babies and even her stuffed animals. The comversations are always so sweet and about how much they love each other.

Whenever my kids lose an eyelash they want to make a wish. I don’t know where that cane from. But today Gacies wish was for Timmy to get a rocket ship to take her to the moon.

Grace says her one wish to Santa is that all her toys cone to life. Specifically she would like a talking flower. Might be a sad Christmas 😂

Timmy got shots today at the doctor. He screamed bloody murder, then said oh thats it thats not too bad and then thanked the nurse. 

So at the dr office today timmy brought his lizard book and says to the kids do you guys want to see a lizard that is hard to catch? But you know who can catch any lizard? My friend uncle tom.

Grace is “fishing” off the side of the bed with Tims belt and yelling yeehaw.