The Holy Family

Presenting.. The one and only.. 

Baby Jesus

This was one of our best Christmases. Our church asked us to play the Holy Family. I really couldn’t be more proud. 

Check out my man Joe. Grew out his beard and everything.

And my little drummer boy. He practiced so hard for his 5 minutes of fame.

& then there was Grace. My sweet girl tried hard but according to her, her feet wanted to go home. She did make it down the aisle with her partner in crime.

Could you just die. These two are inseparable. If you ask Grace this is her little brother Max. These two rebels sat right next to Mary on her tiny bale of hay.  

Then came Santa. This mass was just beautiful. I feel like this picture says it all. Santa bowing down to the One it is all about.Notice how even all the kids are looking at baby Jesus. Such a special picture. Wait until Lydia is big enough to see her big debut. 

Behind the scenes

When we walked out everyone stood and clapped. I almost cried. My mom actually did cry. I’m so happy we did this.

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