Timmy Thoughts

I had my lady days supplies in the bathroom and I hear Timmy ask Tim, “Daddy are those mommy band aids?”

I was giving the kids a bath and Timmy says, “Mom I’m soaking wet!” It’s ok Timmy you’re suppose to be. 🙂

My dad was using his cane and Timmy asked him what it was. He says cane. Timmy says, “ohhhhhh a candy cane!!! Cool!”

Timmy Thoughts…

This kid cracks me up!

His chore is to feed the dogs and I guess Tim refilled the dog food container last night because when Timmy opened the container and saw that it was full he yelled, “Look Mommy it’s growing!”

We found one of those curly shells at the beach and I look back at Timmy in his car seat and he has it to his ear saying, “Wait, What did you say?” And he kept looking at the shell and then putting it to his ear. Lololololol

Then the sweetest was he told me he wanted to read the Bible to Gracie. And so it read like this, “Jesus went over the river and though the woods to his grandmas house. And the snow bit his nose.” I was dying from the cuteness. We’ve been singing that song before bed.


Sweet Memories

I had a little mommy meltdown the other day as I squeezed myself into a pair of jeans. When I looked in the mirror all I saw was a stuffed sausage-like reflection. My husband walked in and I started to cry.

Someone explain to me why our bodies have to show the evidence that we have children but then our husbands walk around like nothing changed, all sexy. It’s very frustrating.

Anywayssss Timmy over heard me whining about my lumpy body and says, “Is it your butt mom?”

I bust out laughing. Then he proceeds to kiss me and ask, “All better?”

Sweet Memories

Today we went out to lunch with my sweet friend and her little girl. Before they ate their pizza they asked the Lord to bless their food. Now I wish I could say we did the same but like everything else in my life we do it but not with consistency.

Timmy just watched them and then leaned over to me and whispered in my ear all of The Lords Prayer. It almost brought me to tears. He is so sweet.

Just another thing to show me how important consistency is because that prayer is the only one we say everyday with him. And look at that, I guess consistency does WORK.

Homeschool: Letter Z, Noah’s Arc and Zoo Theme

So I’m way behind in blogging through my homeschool days. To be honest I’ve really fallen out of my schedule completely. I struggle with over committing our days. So here I go once more attempting to keep us home at least 3 of the 5 week days. Learning to say no is a major issue because I really love all the mommy adult talk time so I have to try to find a balance.

My kids loved talking about Noah’s Arc and singing the songs but Timmy especially loved making his own Arc.




I just took clip art animals, clothes pins and playdough and let him play. He was determined to get every animal in the boat.

We have a toy Noah’s Arc so we spent some time talking about the different animals and about how Noah sent out the dove to see if it was the right time to get off the Arc.


Timmy traced the Letter Z in his letter book. He is awesome at tracing.



He colored his Z treasure piece and glued it to the treasure map. This boy loves glue and he’s actually great at it. And he’s starting to color inside the lines!




I have this mini twister that we used to review circles and colors. Then we turned the cards over and played memory basically.


For snack we made Noah’s Arc with bananas as a boat and animal crackers .


We played pretend zoo and Timmy and Grace were my caged animals 🙂


We used tuning forks to learn about sound. I wasn’t sure Timmy would like this because he has sensitive ears but he really liked it.



It’s weird because as I’m going through the week it doesn’t feel like we do much but when I sit down to actually write it all out it seems like a pretty full week, right? The weather has been awesome these past few weeks so we have started spending a lot of time outdoors. I really hope I can get back in my routine but I’m thinking the holidays are going to be a little (a lot) bit distracting.

On top of our regular schooling we are going to be starting “The Truth in the Tinsel” it reviews alittle scripture from the Jesus birth story and you make an ornament to go with the story. I’m excited about this because I want my kids to grow up knowing that Christmas is hardly about Santa and presents and mostly {all}about the blessing oh our Lord and Savior.

Veterans Day Crafting

We had some friends over to learn about the American flag. The moms did a great job with their flags lol. You can tell in the picture that Timmy did his by himself. I think it’s more fun to see what they come up with. Timmy was more of a confederate flag kinda guy I guess lol.


After we colored a little picture to mail to cousin Jon to thank him for his service.


This flag snack is delicious! Seriously. Looks simple and it is but it is amazing. I’ve kind of been dieting so it’s possible I’m biased bc of my lack of sugar these days. It’s just a graham cracker with cool whip, blueberries and strawberries. Yum! The kids really liked “cooking” these.