Sweet Memories

The way Lydia giggles when Timmy talks to her.

Finding Timmy asleep in my Dads room.

Popsicles with my kids. Grace looks like such a baby. Sometimes I forget she’s only three. 

Timmy playing football with our priest. 

A mommy love pile.

Roasting pretend marshmallows on a pretend fire and climbing real trees. Sometimes I have to just sit in my front yard and look out and pretend I live in the mountains.

Flying Kites! & these kids were so good at it.


I hope he wants to snuggle with me always. You can never know when the last time will be. No one tells you that on this such and such a date cuddling with your mother will be uncool. I hope never. 

Gracie’s Tap Show

Oh how I love this dance company!! This Recital was in honor of our military. All the costumes were red, white & blue and before the show they played all the anthems for each branch of military and had them stand to represent the branch they served. Soooooo beautiful. And of course there was prayer before the show started. I am so grateful to have this dance school as part of our little bubble. We are so blessed to have our kids be part of something that strives to first serve God. Mmmm its just lovely.

& onto the cuteness โค๏ธ 

This was Grace at her rehearsal & then later she applied some extra lipstick to be more fabulous.

The night of her Recital Aunt Erica & Aunt Jessica came up and helped get her ready and Memaw & Pepaw came to the show. Her costume was ADORABLE!

Oops I put it on backwards..

Well when the big moment came Grace walked out all smiles and super confident but she. kept. on. walking ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ nearly walking off the stage. 

Her sweet teacher had to run on and bring her back to her spot. It was a hot mess. The crowd loved it though. Her friend Addy fell backwards and gave us all a scare but Grace ran over and helped her up which made this mama so proud. 

After, we took her and Addy out for ice cream. And here’s a bizillion pictures..

Easter in Pictures

We decided on going to the Easter Vigil. It was a hard decision really. We always go to sunrise mass. I like the idea of the kids praising Jesus first and then open baskets. But this year Tim has to work the 9am mass. Going to a 9am mass is chaos. I can’t do it. So the Easter Vigil was my best option. It kinda was brilliant too because I put the kids in their pjs and these sweet babies slept peacefully after the first hour. Nothing is more beautiful than a church lit by candlelight. 

& the Easter outfits ๐Ÿ’— Ugh he is just so sweet & goofy. 

& my girls. This picture made my whole day.

& then more cuteness.

& there was an Easter egg hunt & a bunny hop race.

& we had a visit with the Easter Bunny himself. Lydia was like ummmmm mom..

& an Easter bath. Yes that’s a thing. The things Pinterest makes you feel are necessary. Totally worth it.

Happy 1st Easter sweet baby girl!

The Easter bunny came!

And our newest addition.. Princess Bunny
Mommys biggest blessing. This man. I’m really so proud of him. To watch his journey with God is pure joy for me. Eight years ago he told me he didn’t believe in God. It just wasn’t part of his life, were his exact words. Today he served as Eucharistic Minister at the Easter service. It really shows me that in Gods time all will be perfect. My kids are so blessed to grow up with a Dad who can lead them closer to God. & he’s handsome too ๐Ÿ˜
&&&& just one more picture of this beauty ๐Ÿ’—

Easter Party

I don’t know if this is normal but I come up with these bright ideas to have a kids holiday party and I plan alllllll the things, invite everyone I know. Sounds fun right? Night before, I’m like in panic overdrive and want to cancel. Like everytime. Then when it’s all over, I’m all ok that was amazing and so fun. & then the cycle continues. 

But I will say, I totally rocked this Easter party! When the kids arrived we read the story of the Last Supper and had our own little bread and wine. The kids loved the wine glasses.

The we talked about the resurrection using this free printable & idea from the Happy Home Fairy. It was a hit. The kids cracked open their snack filled plastic eggs and I read a bible verse. They had to figure out which snack matched the verse and then they could eat it.

The best part of the party for me is the washing of the feet. Ugh its so precious. We go in a circle and the friend sitting next to you washes your feet. It really bring the story to life for these little ones.

We made some bunny booty pancakes for lunch. I let the kids assemble them because I love a good mess apparently. But they had fun.

& I woke up at 6a.m. to put together bunny juice boxes. You gotta have them. Its a must. This was another free printable I got from teacherspayteachers. There’s even cotton on the back for bunny tail.

For dessert we had peep fruit kabobs.

While the big kids painted crosses the babies made a masterpiece of their own.

Nothing makes me happier then having a house full of babies. They were so cute “painting” with their yogurt. I dyed the yogurt different colors and put down a white shower curtain as their paper. And when it was all over, I wrapped it up and tossed. Easy Peasy.

It was an awesome day and I hope that the kids really got a better understanding of the true meaning of Easter. I am blessed to have friends that love Jesus and want to share these experiences with our kids together.

My favorite picture ๐Ÿ’—

Zoo Field Trip

We love Brevard Zoo. It is the best but man it is a drive. Takes us about an hour to get there. Through our homeschool group it was only $7 to go so it was worth it.

I have clearly not mastered getting all three kids to look at the camera. 

This place has an indoor part where the kids can pretend to be the vet. They have an X-ray machine and a microscope set up. They also have a huge area covered in sand where kids can dig for bones and solve the mystery of which animal the bones belong to.

Even better is their train ride. It actually goes into an animal enclosure. Like it blows my mind that this sort of thing still exists. You get to see ostrich and oryx and they walk riiiiight up to you. So cool.

Lydia was just the happiest little thing checking out the giraffes. This zoo lets you hand feed the giraffes lettuce and sweet potatoes.

My little turtles.๐Ÿข

Timmy got to touch a snake and nowww of course he wants one.
Was a very successful day and the weather was unbelievable especially for a Florida April.

Later when we got home I captured this cutie standing up and playing with her puppy.

Letter B – Bees & Butterflies

This has been a very successful homeschool week learning the Letter B.


We made some pool noodle bumble bees to fly through the air.

We drank some nectar {apple juice} through a straw like a honey bee.

We made a bee hive with some honey comb cereal.

I attempted some food art with these bumble bee Oreos and we tasted some honey.

We talked about how Gods Word is sweeter than honey and how we should be mindful of the words that we say and try to keep them sweet. Then we made these cute little bees.
We went on a honey bee field trip that was totally awesome.  The bee keeper had a bee “tv” for the kids to get and up close look.

I was so proud when the bee keeper asked if anyone knew why some honeys are different colors Timmy shot up his hand and new the right answer. Sad to say that I did not know the answer lol so I was pleasantly surprised when she said “that’s right!” 

After the bee talk the kids all made seed bombs and bamboo bee homes.

Then all the kids ran around and played. I can’t say enough good things about this field trip. It was super educational for even me and really fun. She even brought different honeys for us all to taste and she had some for sale. I bought the orange blossom one..so delicious and apparently magical when it comes to colds and allergies.

The bee keeper really impressed me with her patience with the kids and her ability to teach real facts in a fun way to such a large group. There were about 25 kids there and everyone paid attention. I don’t remember her name but this is her website. https://www.hanihoneycompany.com/


I have always wanted to do this since I was a kid…order caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies. So amazing. Just so happened that Memaw bought us the kit around the same time of our lesson. 

Our little baby caterillars arrived in a little plastic container and 3 weeks later we set them free.โ€‹

The day we let them go we painted some butterfly portraits.
Grace has come a long way in her school work this year. She is cutting and pasting all by herself and it is so amazing to watch.

She will just sit and tackle all her work by herself. She is more of a self learner. She would rather figure out her own way then for me to give her step by step instruction. Her handwriting is a huge improvement. In the beginning of this year she couldn’t even trace letters.

Timmy made a beautiful butterfly project too but I can’t find it. He’s really been focusing on learning hundreds & thousands and how to tell time. I think next we will move to money. 

We are attending our year homeschool convention the end of May and I’m so excited. Next year it is official we start KINDERGARTEN! Can’t believe it. All this PreK work has paid off for sure in helping me learn what works best for my kids. Next week we are focusing on Easter & Jesus ๐Ÿ’—

Lydia is 8 Months

This cute little beach babe is growing so fast! 

Just this week it seems like her personality is really shining through. I think we may have another mini diva on our hands. This chick knows what she wants that’s for sure!

Seems like she’s learning something new everyday. Clapping hands was our biggest celebration it’s just so cute. She loves blowing raspberries and it’s especially fun with a mouth full of yogurt. She’s totally in love with food now. Anything and everything she chows down. 

Its really funny how different a mom I am this time around. With Timmy you couldn’t come near him with food unless it was organic, freshly purรฉed and on the list of approved food according to his age. Well for one, doctors no longer give a list of food by age, its a free for all. So lucky for Lydia, whatever I’m eating so is she. We share meals and its kinda fun. Like today we went to an event with lots of desserts so she had a few licks of banana creme brรปlรฉe and a bite of a red velvet white chocolate cookie. 

Her favorite food is Cheerios by far. Yogurt & bananas are close seconds.

She loves driving in her little car. She naps in her swing still and sleeps with mommy and it’s about time for that dreaded crib transition. 

& not to brag but she’s pretty much obsessed with her mama. Like for real. I can’t walk by her without picking her up or if I leave the room be prepared for screaming. 

And there’s 2 little teeth in that gummy smile now. 

She loves books for reading and for slobbering.

Look at me Mom! Trying to stand up! Slow down sister. We are so not ready for a baby on the move between Legos & Barbie shoes this place is a mine field.

Took some pictures in Great Grandmas garden.

We took Lydia for her first dip in the pool and it was a total success. She’s a little water baby.

More of this mama’s obsessive photo taking.

This was Grace at the same age in the same bubble.

We set up a baby zone in the playroom and she loves it. She plays so nice with her toys and Timmy & Grace go in and play with her too. 

Timmy was so proud to be able to hold her by himself.

This was her first park swing, clearly she’s a fan.

And sand. She wasn’t too sure about it and with her faucet drool situation the sand was all over her face.
Lydia is still wearing size 3 diapers but we have moved up another size ๐Ÿ™ˆ Her thighs tho more rolls than a bakery! Size 12 months clothes & 20 pounds of yumminess.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Like obsessed. That show will stop tears dead in there tracks. 

& thats about all her new adventure these past two months.

Life is about to be busy busy once this little munchkin is on the move. We are just over here trying to soak up all these sweet stages of her babyhood. We know all too well that if you blink you’ll miss it.