Letter B – Bees & Butterflies

This has been a very successful homeschool week learning the Letter B.


We made some pool noodle bumble bees to fly through the air.

We drank some nectar {apple juice} through a straw like a honey bee.

We made a bee hive with some honey comb cereal.

I attempted some food art with these bumble bee Oreos and we tasted some honey.

We talked about how Gods Word is sweeter than honey and how we should be mindful of the words that we say and try to keep them sweet. Then we made these cute little bees.
We went on a honey bee field trip that was totally awesome.  The bee keeper had a bee “tv” for the kids to get and up close look.

I was so proud when the bee keeper asked if anyone knew why some honeys are different colors Timmy shot up his hand and new the right answer. Sad to say that I did not know the answer lol so I was pleasantly surprised when she said “that’s right!” 

After the bee talk the kids all made seed bombs and bamboo bee homes.

Then all the kids ran around and played. I can’t say enough good things about this field trip. It was super educational for even me and really fun. She even brought different honeys for us all to taste and she had some for sale. I bought the orange blossom one..so delicious and apparently magical when it comes to colds and allergies.

The bee keeper really impressed me with her patience with the kids and her ability to teach real facts in a fun way to such a large group. There were about 25 kids there and everyone paid attention. I don’t remember her name but this is her website. https://www.hanihoneycompany.com/


I have always wanted to do this since I was a kid…order caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies. So amazing. Just so happened that Memaw bought us the kit around the same time of our lesson. 

Our little baby caterillars arrived in a little plastic container and 3 weeks later we set them free.​

The day we let them go we painted some butterfly portraits.
Grace has come a long way in her school work this year. She is cutting and pasting all by herself and it is so amazing to watch.

She will just sit and tackle all her work by herself. She is more of a self learner. She would rather figure out her own way then for me to give her step by step instruction. Her handwriting is a huge improvement. In the beginning of this year she couldn’t even trace letters.

Timmy made a beautiful butterfly project too but I can’t find it. He’s really been focusing on learning hundreds & thousands and how to tell time. I think next we will move to money. 

We are attending our year homeschool convention the end of May and I’m so excited. Next year it is official we start KINDERGARTEN! Can’t believe it. All this PreK work has paid off for sure in helping me learn what works best for my kids. Next week we are focusing on Easter & Jesus 💗

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