Zoo Field Trip

We love Brevard Zoo. It is the best but man it is a drive. Takes us about an hour to get there. Through our homeschool group it was only $7 to go so it was worth it.

I have clearly not mastered getting all three kids to look at the camera. 

This place has an indoor part where the kids can pretend to be the vet. They have an X-ray machine and a microscope set up. They also have a huge area covered in sand where kids can dig for bones and solve the mystery of which animal the bones belong to.

Even better is their train ride. It actually goes into an animal enclosure. Like it blows my mind that this sort of thing still exists. You get to see ostrich and oryx and they walk riiiiight up to you. So cool.

Lydia was just the happiest little thing checking out the giraffes. This zoo lets you hand feed the giraffes lettuce and sweet potatoes.

My little turtles.🐢

Timmy got to touch a snake and nowww of course he wants one.
Was a very successful day and the weather was unbelievable especially for a Florida April.

Later when we got home I captured this cutie standing up and playing with her puppy.

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