Easter Party

I don’t know if this is normal but I come up with these bright ideas to have a kids holiday party and I plan alllllll the things, invite everyone I know. Sounds fun right? Night before, I’m like in panic overdrive and want to cancel. Like everytime. Then when it’s all over, I’m all ok that was amazing and so fun. & then the cycle continues. 

But I will say, I totally rocked this Easter party! When the kids arrived we read the story of the Last Supper and had our own little bread and wine. The kids loved the wine glasses.

The we talked about the resurrection using this free printable & idea from the Happy Home Fairy. It was a hit. The kids cracked open their snack filled plastic eggs and I read a bible verse. They had to figure out which snack matched the verse and then they could eat it.

The best part of the party for me is the washing of the feet. Ugh its so precious. We go in a circle and the friend sitting next to you washes your feet. It really bring the story to life for these little ones.

We made some bunny booty pancakes for lunch. I let the kids assemble them because I love a good mess apparently. But they had fun.

& I woke up at 6a.m. to put together bunny juice boxes. You gotta have them. Its a must. This was another free printable I got from teacherspayteachers. There’s even cotton on the back for bunny tail.

For dessert we had peep fruit kabobs.

While the big kids painted crosses the babies made a masterpiece of their own.

Nothing makes me happier then having a house full of babies. They were so cute “painting” with their yogurt. I dyed the yogurt different colors and put down a white shower curtain as their paper. And when it was all over, I wrapped it up and tossed. Easy Peasy.

It was an awesome day and I hope that the kids really got a better understanding of the true meaning of Easter. I am blessed to have friends that love Jesus and want to share these experiences with our kids together.

My favorite picture 💗

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