Easter in Pictures

We decided on going to the Easter Vigil. It was a hard decision really. We always go to sunrise mass. I like the idea of the kids praising Jesus first and then open baskets. But this year Tim has to work the 9am mass. Going to a 9am mass is chaos. I can’t do it. So the Easter Vigil was my best option. It kinda was brilliant too because I put the kids in their pjs and these sweet babies slept peacefully after the first hour. Nothing is more beautiful than a church lit by candlelight. 

& the Easter outfits 💗 Ugh he is just so sweet & goofy. 

& my girls. This picture made my whole day.

& then more cuteness.

& there was an Easter egg hunt & a bunny hop race.

& we had a visit with the Easter Bunny himself. Lydia was like ummmmm mom..

& an Easter bath. Yes that’s a thing. The things Pinterest makes you feel are necessary. Totally worth it.

Happy 1st Easter sweet baby girl!

The Easter bunny came!

And our newest addition.. Princess Bunny
Mommys biggest blessing. This man. I’m really so proud of him. To watch his journey with God is pure joy for me. Eight years ago he told me he didn’t believe in God. It just wasn’t part of his life, were his exact words. Today he served as Eucharistic Minister at the Easter service. It really shows me that in Gods time all will be perfect. My kids are so blessed to grow up with a Dad who can lead them closer to God. & he’s handsome too 😍
&&&& just one more picture of this beauty 💗

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