Gracie’s Tap Show

Oh how I love this dance company!! This Recital was in honor of our military. All the costumes were red, white & blue and before the show they played all the anthems for each branch of military and had them stand to represent the branch they served. Soooooo beautiful. And of course there was prayer before the show started. I am so grateful to have this dance school as part of our little bubble. We are so blessed to have our kids be part of something that strives to first serve God. Mmmm its just lovely.

& onto the cuteness ❤️ 

This was Grace at her rehearsal & then later she applied some extra lipstick to be more fabulous.

The night of her Recital Aunt Erica & Aunt Jessica came up and helped get her ready and Memaw & Pepaw came to the show. Her costume was ADORABLE!

Oops I put it on backwards..

Well when the big moment came Grace walked out all smiles and super confident but she. kept. on. walking 😂😂 nearly walking off the stage. 

Her sweet teacher had to run on and bring her back to her spot. It was a hot mess. The crowd loved it though. Her friend Addy fell backwards and gave us all a scare but Grace ran over and helped her up which made this mama so proud. 

After, we took her and Addy out for ice cream. And here’s a bizillion pictures..

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